10 things you should do when your partner wants to take you out to dine

1. He needs more time than you to get ready, give him access to the washroom and pretend to take more time than him, not too much, just a little more!


2When he takes you out to eat, he needs you to appreciate it by overeating 

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3. He wants you to look your best, to make an effort, wear heels!


4. He loves your child as much as you, if you have a small child who might not enjoy staying up late, let him worry about whom to leave the child with. Once in a while, you need your alone time. When the child is grown up, it’s a pleasure to have him along ( I talk about one child, as we have a 20 year old son, please modify as per your requirement!)

5. Give him your undivided attention, praise the ambiance, the food, the service, and him

6. Let him order, but always ask for a dish he loves…

7. Flirt with him by holding his hand under the table or by mentioning a fond memory 


8. Do not talk about his family or work, unless he wants to….most often he won’t

9. Behave as you did when you first met

10. If you have to drive back, let him drink, offer to be the one to drive him back, drink coffee instead! It is best to hire a cab instead…



You know him best, make sure you have fun, and so does he, so that it’s a regular feature in your life, Cheers!



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