10 ways we annoy our child…..

Being a part of the human race, we want the best for our child….do we always go about it the right way, or does our approach become counterproductive???? Some of the things which annoy a child are talking about………….

  • The troubles we faced when growing up and how today’s children are so privileged
  • The achievements of other’s children…do we want to hear about the wonderful things other children’s parents do?
  • Future plans of the child, their aim in life
  • How they should not waste their time on the computer and other gadgets!!!! Can we set an example???
  • How their best BFF is not good enough for them
  • How junk food has ruined the world….errrr, lay off the fried stuff you love first
  • Their posture, attitude…..what about your own??
  • Lying…..haven’t we lied in front of them?
  • Your spouse in a negative way…..never involve the child
  • Work, job opportunities, how wrong their choice of a career is..they are under enough pressure                                       

What do we do??? We have to guide our child……let’s try to be appreciate of the effort he/she is putting into the curriculum. Lead by example by eating better, using your time with your family better, treating your spouse better, encouraging a dialogue instead of launching into a monologue. They are informed and may impress you with their point of view…….Encourage, support, monitor and be strict only when required.

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