2014 should have taken these…..

Some things should never have begun, others should have been phased out with 2014….or earlier…..My list of what should end….

  1. Selfies in exotic locations…..all we see are plastic smiles and huge noses, it’s gone on long enough, and has outlived hopes of ever being cool or cute….I’m stopping now, what about you???
  2. Beggars at the traffic lights…..Please God give everyone a job and food.
  3. People who give money to beggars…..there are shelters, if you really want to help, sponsor a chid or family.
  4. Ice cream shops in winter…..I can’t stop eating all the flavours.
  5. Bakeries with 5,000 calorie cakes which are yummy.
  6. Recreational Drugs….never cool.
  7. Cigars and any form of smoking…..maybe there should be smoking bars for people who want to smoke, the ‘smoking areas’ in hotels and pubs contaminate the entire area.
  8. Corruption…we can all make a difference. Do not be a victim or perpetrator. 
  9. Eve teasing in any form, if we all object and bring the offenders to justice, it will help.
  10. Child abuse or abuse of any human or animal…..let’s speak up and join each other to report the abusers and save the abused.
  11. Porn and excessive  violence on the internet, at least for people below 25.
  12. Disrespect to elders…..unacceptable.
  13. Men talking about cheating, saying it’s a male thing which is uncontrollable…..stop admiring them or encouraging the stories.
  14. Size zero…..focus on health, not starvation….check your bone density, cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar and anything else the specialist orders.
  15. High protein diets, artificial milk, hormones and fertilisers in food.                                            Happy 2015…..do what you can, every person makes a difference…… 

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