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My Birthday? I don’t know the year of my birth

He stands by the¬†road, selling pieces of coconut. When asked how much money he makes, he replies ” Sometimes enough to sleep on a full stomach.” He’s like many others, who have to fend for themselves from an early age. He has younger siblings and parents who can not support them. He’s uneducated and underfed. His dreams are of going to New Delhi and trying to set up a small business there. His fear is falling ill and not being able to earn his daily bread. When asked about his birthday, he said “Birthdays are celebrated by those with enough food to eat and some security that they will eat the next day, regardless of whether they can earn that day. I don’t even know the year of my birth, I think I’m between 17-22 years of age.”


One says a silent prayer for him and others like him. Is the solution the right to education, eradication of illiteracy, family planning with less children per family, a minimum stipend to all children born, free food for all ? The brain refuses to comprehend this is happening today…..

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3 essentials just before your flight

1. Get your bags wrapped at the airport. It serves the dual purpose of protecting your bags and automatically gets them insured if you get it endorsed after checking in!


2. The best lounges all over the world are free !!! All you need is a Priority Pass which entitles you to use any of the lounges listed all over the world for free, five times in a year. After that, you can use your Visa signature card to access the other lounges ( not as great, but definitely good enough ). The best lounge at T3 Delhi is the Plaza Premium lounge which offers showers, a buffet, drinks, tea,  coffee 24/7, a spa and many more.

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3. Hydrate yourself. Drink plenty of water, carry comfortable slippers to change into during the flight. Bon Voyage !

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10 essentials you need for a trip abroad

1. Take your passports, check the visa, identity cards, credit/debit cards/ along with the currency required

2. Phone and charger, laptop and charger, cameras and chargers



3. Medicines as prescribed for you, along with those for gastroenteritis, headache, motion and altitude sickness, or any special medication needed as per terrain. Vaccination as required must be complied with



4. Depending on where you are going, appropriate clothing and accessories must be taken. These should be the ones you feel comfortable in !



5. Shoes…all kinds, heels, flats. Remember you will be in a new place. Style and comfort are both vital.



6. Carry a booklet of the local maps, especially related to your areas of interest. A handbook of the commonly used phrases, shopping areas and local customs is useful.

7. Perfume, deodorant, basic make up items needed, by others as well as you!


8. Book your hotels in advance, carry the receipts. Book the tours and other activities you are interested in, plan and take a print out with you.

9. Check your tickets and the weight of your bags. Handbags are also being weighed nowadays !

10. Carry something unique from your homeland that you would like to wear. Some people have special nutritional requirements, carry food as permitted

Don’t forget to take your brilliant smile and infectious enthusiasm and joy !

Enjoy !!!

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