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2015 is here…..

Make 2015 a rocking year….

  1. Spend more time with your immediate family, with the ones you love the most. Make a bigger effort to keep in touch.
  2. Love unconditionally, feel free to express your opinion, whether it is good, bad or ugly, communication is important.
  3. Be kinder to those less privileged and help them.
  4. Do what you can for the planet and the country.
  5. Stop cribbing about what others are doing wrong…..the government, your colleagues and you are not perfect.
  6. Look for the good in your family and surroundings, focus on the positive.
  7. Improve constantly, without changing who you are.
  8. Raise your voice, make your views heard, you have a right to your beliefs as long as they don’t harm anyone.
  9. Say NO when doing something makes you unhappy.
  10. Get a medical checkup.
  11. Exercise regularly, in moderation.
  12. Eat healthy food, but do eat junk food and binge once in two weeks.
  13. Sing and dance, no matter how terrible you look or sound. Laugh, cry, shout.
  14. Know that you are unique and beautiful.
  15. Accept and appreciate the changes in the world and your mind and body.                              My parents taught me to pray in my heart, not in temples. They said that if one helps someone who needs help, it is the best form of praying. Count your blessings, if you can read this, you have a phone/ computer/ internet connection and time to waste…you are lucky to be alive….. 🙂

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It doesn’t matter if you’re Black or white…Calor-ies will pile on

I was thinking of a Punch line, but got distracted by my Paunch line is this festive season 🙂

Now we have to work out to get rid of the holiday flab, to look Fab

Getting rid of flab after Christmas….should be Ex-Mass ?

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The Golden Egg, Astana

Among the many wonders of Astana in Kazhakstan, the ‘Observation Tower’ or ‘Poplar tree with the Golden Egg’ or the Bayterek, towers over the city and beyond. It is 105 metres tall, with a 22 m golden egg or globe with mirrors on it held at the top by metallic girders. 


This structure is said to resemble a poplar tree and is a symbol of the tree of life, it stands 105 metres tall, and holds at the top a golden globe or egg, 22 metres in diameter. This egg has mirrors on its surface, which give it an extra shine. The entry is through steps below ground level, An elevator takes you to an observation deck, at a height of 97 metres, which celebrates the figure 97 as Astana became the capital of Kazhakstan in 1997. The observation deck provides a 360 degrees view of the city through glass panels. Above this, a flight of stairs lead to the highest level in the globe. 

IMG_0127  IMG_0079 IMG_0134 IMG_0080 IMG_0119 IMG_0135 IMG_0136 IMG_0137 IMG_0138 IMG_0139 IMG_0140 IMG_0122 IMG_0131 IMG_0089

There is model of the city in the observation desk. A flight of stairs led to the highest level, which has a gilded handprint of the right hand of the first President of Kazhakstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev. Visitors are asked to place their right hand over it to make a wish.


Along with this, there is a sculpture of the globe with 16 spokes or segments radiating out form it, which points to the Presidential Palace. These 16 spokes stand for  the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions, which has been hosted by Astana many times.




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There’s a teen in my home!!!!!

Cuddly bundle of love is what you think of your child when you see him sleeping as a child. Slowly, this bundle of joy gets a personality ( most are born with it) and the struggle between loving, pampering and disciplining, inspiring, sermonising begins……

If you want to connect to your teen, you have to make the effort, as your parents did when you were a teen. A lifelong bond and mutual admiration is not unattainable, if you just remember how you were as a teen……Inhale, exhale, live and let live…………How ??? This works for me…..(I will use the terms ‘he/him’ for a teen as I have a son………

  1. Teenagers are better at handling gadgets and gizmos. Let your child choose the TV, phone, internet speed, computers, routers in your home and give him full access. Trust me, he will be a responsible internet surfer if you leave it up to him.
  2. Do not say ‘Net’ instead of internet…’s not cool.
  3. When you have a wifi that says ‘Captain Kirk’ or ‘Leviathan’, rejoice, he’s watching the TV serials you love. 
  4. Watch TBBT with him. It’s awesome, sing the theme song together. ( of course, this can never be done publicly as he will disown you)
  5. Do not ask him about girls/ boys/ teachers. He will tell you what he wants to, when he wants to, if you do not probe. Don’t hold your breath though, you may have to wait for years, or eternity 🙂
  6. Ask him to make a schedule of relaxation and studies. He will go a great job if you don’t interfere, monitoring and discussing his schedule will be allowed by him if you allow him to give his opinion.
  7. If he wants you to read a Harry Potter at 13 or watch a science fiction movie, listen to him. You will enjoy it. In return, he will read the newspaper or a book of your choice.
  8. Tell him grades aren’t the best way to judge his knowledge, but till the universe comes up with a better way, he will have to do his best. Doing his best is all you want.
  9. According to your resources, make sure he has the best computer, gadgets. They motivate him to learn better. Devote time to go white water rafting, skydiving, snorkelling with him.
  10. Video and ps4 games can be good for him in moderation ( 1 hour a day if he concentrates on his studies the rest of the time) . Hand-eye co-ordination becomes amazing if he plays these games. He has to play outdoor games for a matching amount of time though.
  11. He should keep a note of what is spent on his games, how much he thinks is reasonable. Discuss finances, it helps him manage money better, now and later.
  12. Smile, hug him, tell him you are proud of him, every morning and every evening. He’s still your child.( again, never publicly)
  13. Introduce life lessons through stories, speak about your failures when you are gloating about your success. 
  14. Never compare him with anyone else’s child.
  15. Teach him to respect his elders and be grateful for all he has.                                                          The acid test????? he will want to spend time with you. He will laugh with you and argue endlessly, because he respects your opinion. Enjoy these years, time is the biggest gift you can give each other…………………..There are no rules, make them up, but let them be mutually enjoyable. When you ask him to limit his internet surfing, lead by example.

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Reality check– the virtual world

Most of us begin the day by switching off the alarm on the phone…….and open one eye to look at the phone. What we see are messages and updates from social media and our ‘friends’. De-addiction centres have been opened all over the world for internet de-addiction. Be it games, messages, or second hand memes or status updates, we do spend a lot of time on social media. Most of us take what we see and do in the virtual world lightly and smile and forget about it. Some are a little more serious, and the interactions on this media take on a special meaning for them. For them, I’d like to say— Let’s be a little realistic.

  1. Most people you interact with don’t even read all you write. Don’t take any appreciation too seriously. There is no option to dislike what you post or write.
  2. Real friends are in the real world. Family or friends who are near you should never be ignored to smile at those in cyber world.
  3. Real family and friends can be told about the troubles, stress, mishaps that occur in life and they stand by you in times of need and dare to admonish you when you whine or over react.
  4. Real friends and family can pick up a child from school, look after an older relative, spend time sharing your life and theirs.
  5. You do not have to look good or be correct or unbiased or make sense to people who love you. These people do not have any smileys or pretty hearts to show you but have real emotions, unfiltered and genuine.
  6. Studies have shown that we can have only a handful of people we can be really close to. Concentrate on them. Who will hold your head while you puke???? 
  7. Be real, nobody is that amazing or awesome, or looks gorgeous all the time. We are not poets or philosophers ( most of us anyway) and we do not spout wisdom all the time.
  8. True, the internet and its ramifications are a useful tool, irreplaceable and valuable in learning and networking. Just don’t spend too much time here.
  9. Computer vision syndrome is now a well known entity and can cause damage. Limit your hours on the computer or phone.
  10. It is better than drugs and several other hobbies. Carry on, but shut off all communication in the virtual world everyday and step out in the sunshine, or rain, or fog, with the people who love you when you look like hell and talk nonsense.                                                                            Enjoy yourselves, it’s raining outside, I’m going out in the rain with my husband and son……..

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