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Predator in our garden

This morning, there was no symphony of the chirping of the birds in our garden……I went out and saw a large, brown, yellow-eyed predator perched on a tree!!!!  the flower buds refused to bloom, the leaves did not rustle, one misdirected parrot flew away as soon as it could….the little birds were gone!!!! And then………….yellow-eyes flew at me….submerged memories of an eagle sitting momentarily on my shoulder and taking my lunch out of my hands in school when I was 5 years old…the only child ‘chosen’ to be deprived of nutrition among hundreds of children…..this time, I shot it…with my camera…..we looked into each other’s lenses for a brief but beautiful moment…and then it flew away………the little birds were back instantly, magically…….I wondered if it was a dream………..the pictures told me it was real………….one weird memory transformed into a wonderful one…….

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Peacock-flight over mustard fields

Out of the blue… the highway, we chanced upon a meeting of peacocks and peahens…..I went to them, they stayed awhile, and then the glorious flights began…that is when I realized that my camera was in the car……………this beauty waited patiently for me to get back and took off………………breathtaking beauty……..

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Candyfloss clouds

It is  sheer luxury

To watch candyfloss clouds, sweet and sugary

As they float and dance, mesmerising 

Caressing, swirling, teasing,  twirling

Sometimes they are dark and grey

Till they let out a glorious spray

They are a painting come to life

Ever-evolving, like liquid ice

You need to get off the iCloud

Away from the crowd

To get the feeling of heavens that descend 

In the form of vapours condensed 

Enjoy the show and showers

Feel the grass and freshly bathed flowers

You may even get a rainbow

Bathed in Nature’s Kaleidoscope 





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Weekend flight….heron

Celebrating a holiday is like flying…..the soul and mind fly…..for some spirits fly! we can visit/ revisit any part of the universe and beyond….or be happy in the haven / heaven called home……either way, life is to be celebrated 🙂

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Crunchy cauliflower……marinate, microwave

Cauliflower is best eaten raw. There are some concerns about raw veggies, as the water and manure used to grow it are a reason for concern. Some farmers use pesticides as well, which do not allow us to enjoy vegetables in the raw. The next best way? Clean the cauliflower throughly, soak in clean water used for drinking, for thirty minutes. Dry, marinate with yoghurt, salt, red chilli powder and roasted cumin. After an hour, put in the microwave for four minutes. Take it out, squeeze a little fresh lemon juice on it and enjoy. As discussed in the post on cauliflower, it is has antioxidants, anticancer ingredients, anti-inflammatory nutrients and strengthens your heart and immune system.IMG_4493

Enjoy your warm, crunchy cauliflower…….

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Birds of prey-the hunt is on

Yeah, yeah, the ecological balance in the universe necessitates that some beings are devoured by others………….but does it have to be in a cruel, public execution? I have mistakenly clicked pictures from afar of a bird of prey eating something out of the water….one can not see what it is….it makes me wonder about my own hypocrisy …..I did not mind when the beautiful Kingfishers showed me the fish as large as them dangling from their ruby red beaks….do looks matter that much???? would I be as disgusted if a beautiful bird ate an ugly worm full of protein as I would be if a large, grey-brown bird of prey consumed a pretty bird???? these birds make me think and re-evaluate my attitude….we are meant to learn till we perish….



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Bitter Gourd – Tasty and Easy

Bitter Gourd is supposed to be healthy and even used in traditional medicine to control diabetes ! Even if it’s not a ‘wonder vegetable’ with medicinal properties, it is beneficial for all. The only problem is the bitter taste which can easily be neutralised by following this simple recipe. Take the whole bitter gourd pieces, wash in running water and soak in water for 30 minutes. Dry and rub salt on the external surface. Wash well after 30 mins. Cut into small, equal pieces.

IMG_2913 IMG_2915

For 500 gms, chop 2 small onions, take 2 tsps of chopped ginger, 2 and a half tsps of chopped garlic, 4 green cardamoms ( deseeded and coarsely ground), 2 chopped green chillies, 1 tbsp of coriander powder, 1 tsp of turmeric, salt to taste.

IMG_2916 IMG_2917

In a heavy pan, take 1 tbsp of ghee, add the chopped garlic when hot. In 20 seconds, add the ginger, stir, add chopped onions after 20 seconds.

IMG_2919 IMG_2920

Stir continuously till the onions are brown.

IMG_2921 IMG_2922

Add the green chillies, mix well for 30 seconds and add the chopped bitter gourd.

IMG_2924 IMG_2925

Stir well, add the turmeric powder, coriander powder, and salt to taste. Some people prefer to add salt at the end, but in my experience, it doesn’t matter when you’re cooking bitter gourd.

IMG_2927 IMG_2928

Cover and cook for 5 minutes. Add the coarsely ground green cardamom seeds and mix well. Cooked covered for another 5-7 minutes, till the vegetable is tender. Taste before taking it off the flame. Enjoy!

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The Koel that flew at me!

I know the Koels live in the trees in our garden….they hide in the dense foliage. One can hear them loud and clear but they rarely come out in the open. I have written about the Koel that flew in front of me while I was photographing the sunbirds…..this time, I was captivated by a couple of Coppersmith barbets that stay in our garden for only 2 months every year. The Koel flew right at me…..I could get only one shot with the camera as I watched it come to me and fly overhead….woah!!!!

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Alexandrine Parrot-using claw to eat!!!

Yesssss….just when I thought the Alexandrine parrots in our home had done all they could on film for me… of them actually stood out from the rest by using his claw to stuff the berries in his mouth and eat!!! he came back after the flock had left and mesmerized me for hours……a delightful and beautiful bird……just when we think we know someone, they surprise us…hang around if you find someone intriguing, and never assume they’ve shown you all they have……sometimes they disgust you, at other times….they captivate you for life…..

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He/ she loves you….??

Ah, that intoxicant called love……the reason we live, die, improve, degenerate, thrive, survive, dance, sing, fight…the emotion that can elevate, depress and take us to hell and heaven within a second. That thumping of the heart, trembling of the lips, dryness of the mouth, that hunger, that thirst, which requires quenching, no matter what the cost. Women often wonder if a man is ‘their one true love’ or ‘soulmate’ or if these men or terms are real. Are there any pointers to see if he is as besotted ?

  • He looks into your eyes, while the more ‘interesting’ parts of you are glanced at for milliseconds. 
  • He does not pick up the phone that rings in the pocket…does he think it’s the ringing in his ears because of your presence? …..Nah, let’s get real, don’t over-analyze, he’s interested but not crazy 🙂
  • He does not check out the amazing women all around.
  • He listens to you, not watching the television behind you.
  • He remembers your babbling of childhood pets, and does not roll up his eyes when you talk about you both watching a romantic movie together.
  • He offers a bite of the delicious food he’s eating.
  • He is polite to your family!!!
  • He would rather talk than message you.
  • He offers to carry you….or your bag, when you are tired.
  • He goes out of his way to make sure you are in touch, your connection is a necessity. 
  • He leaves his ‘unlocked’  phone when he buys you a coffee.    
  • He calls you up from whichever part of the world he goes to for work…he finds a way              Beware…a lot of the most charming men have been psychopaths, take it really slow, give it time before you go out for that long drive in the dark with him…….                          When is a woman interested ???
  • She shares her dark secrets or future plans.
  • She giggles, plays with her hair and widens her eyes.
  • She accepts a sip of your drink…
  • She talks about her fears.
  • A call in the middle of the night to tell you about the book she’s reading or movie she’s watching.
  • The dark side of her personality and her imperfect physical attributes are revealed…it is a test 🙂
  • She makes promises and keeps them.
  • Your past is of interest to her.
  • She asks about your family history of disease or mental illness.                                               Life is too short, take a chance, once you find someone who makes it worthwhile, hang on through disease and disaster……do not cheat, be true ….and walk out if you are threatened or abused…….

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