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Tears and flowers

Did you know that onions have flowers?

Like dainty damsels on lofty towers!

While onions are healthy and good

And make food taste as yummy  as it should…

They  cause excessive lacrimation

Repel due to the pungent olfaction

The flowers are delicate and  pretty

Tiny, white, itsy-bitsy 

Alas, they are  not of any use

Though a smile they do induce

Sometimes looks are not all that count

Though an ‘eye tonic’ is tough to discount!

Everything has value, when taken into perspective………….

Nothing is absolute, part of a cumulative 

Effect that any  living being has

Beauty, brains………and pizzazz!!




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Graffiti Rock, Saudi Arabia, 3000 BC

Graffiti Rock, or Qaryat al-Asba, is located at a two hour drive form the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. These are actually Petroglyphs (prehistoric rock arts). They comprise etchings or carvings or sketches on large panels of rocks and are prehistoric. They give us an insight into the lives of people and animals present at that time. They supposedly date back to 3000 BC. DSC04573 - Copy - Copy DSC04571 - Copy - Copy DSC04565 - Copy - Copy - Copy DSC04563 - Copy - Copy - Copy DSC04687 - Copy DSC04605 - Copy - Copy DSC04596 - Copy - Copy DSC04597 - Copy - Copy DSC04599 - Copy - Copy DSC04603 - Copy - Copy DSC04684 - Copy DSC04681 - Copy DSC04664 - Copy DSC04660 - Copy DSC04655 - Copy DSC04650 - Copy DSC04647 - Copy - Copy DSC04624 - Copy - Copy DSC04612 - Copy - Copy - Copy DSC04581 - Copy - Copy

There are two rocky ‘hills’ in the middle of the desert, which can be climbed and allow one to view a slice of history from up close. There are various animals and war scenes depicted on the rocks, which have stood the test of centuries of sun, sandstorms, rain…..even hailstorms. Do not miss the opportunity to see this unique set of petroglyphs……good luck getting a visa!!!!!!!!


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Pitchavaram, India, 2nd largest mangrove forest in the world

Pitchavaram has the second largest mangrove forest in the world. It is an ecosystem which sustains a wide variety of flora and fauna, birds, snakes, snails…………..and human beings (the mangroves protect against tidal waves and tsunamis!!).
There is vast expanse of evergreen shrubs and trees, which remain permanently immersed in the water. There are islands and waterways, ideal for boating and other water sports. In some areas, the dense foliage does not allow sunlight to penetrate through, it offers a unique thrill to pass through the mangroves in the poorly lit areas through which the narrow boats can barely pass……….along with the sound of the chirping birds and the hissing snakes…….
“At the mangroves, so far, 177 species of birds belonging to 15 orders and 41 families have been recorded. The season for birds is from September to April every year. Peak population of birds could be seen from November to January. This is due to high productive nature (in terms of prey organisms) of the ecosystem and coincidence of the time of arrival of true migrants from foreign countries and local migrants from their breeding grounds across India. The availability of different habitat types such as channels, creeks, gullies, mud flats and sand flats and adjacent sea shore offers ideal habitat for difference species of birds and animals.”( source: the local guides and Wikepedia).

The sign greets you….


There are a lot of boats in the vast area…………


I wanted to go ‘inside” that huge collections of evergreen shrubs…and we did…


It is quiet, still, mysterious and exciting to be within the mangrove…..


We came out to a clearing to go in another passage/ cluster of tiny trees…


The submerged roots, the open sky…..


Everywhere, surrounded by greenery….


The sound of the birds accompanies the paddle of the boat…


Take a deep breath of pure air…

DSC04491 DSC04492

Yes, in the belly of the forest…..

DSC04496 DSC04530 DSC04518 DSC04510 DSC04504

I could not stop grinning….I was probably the only one with a life jacket on 🙂


Snails stick to the roots of the trees, near the place where the water touches them…

DSC04547 DSC04553


One could get lost in here…..

DSC04566 DSC04567 DSC04573 DSC04581 DSC04585 DSC04592 DSC04596 DSC04597 DSC04603 DSC04601 DSC04600 DSC04623

The magnificent sunset….

DSC04630 DSC04625

A bird flies overhead….


The hues of the sky…ever changing, ever fascinating…


I loved the areas where the branches meet overhead…


A few of the species here….


Till we meet again….


A must see and experience place…..

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Name the flowers!!!

What is white and red and catches your eye

The visual delight that gives you a ‘high’

The bleeding-heart vine is one of a kind

The red in white was made by an artistic mind

This one will steal your heart

It is a class apart…..


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Medusa…the most wronged woman in history- Turkey

In the Basilica Cistern in Turkey, the ‘Heads of Medusa’ generate interest and controversy….is it a Myth ? History ? Whatever the case may be, it shows that a woman who was  ‘raped’, that is Medusa, with the ancient Goddess Athena as witness, was punished for being violated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was turned into a hideous monster, if anyone so much as gazed upon her, they turned to stone. As if that wasn’t enough, she was beheaded and her head was used as a weapon…… As if the humiliation was not complete, her ‘heads’ are placed sideways and upside down in the beautiful surroundings in the Basilica, from where her stony gaze cries for justice. When we cry hoarse about similar incidents in which wronged and traumatized women are punished……………for being wronged and traumatized, we can see that the dark origins of this loathsome tradition began with our ancestors……..

DSC02614 DSC02617


The very fact that these myths exist shows how we think of women …then and now…I was heartbroken at the sight of these pillars, with people gasping and clicking at the symbol of a woman who wears the weight of the center of Istanbul on her neck…..

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Gateway to Happiness

We are sometimes blessed 

Some are less stressed

Whatever the reason

The circumstances or season

We choose to open a door

That lies within our core

We select a path…. decide to travel to heaven or hell 

To break the shackles to free us from an imaginary cell

We do not smile because of people or an event

It is within us, the happiness we call heaven-sent

Smile while your muscles let you

Before your face is askew

Though that is attractive too!!! 




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Blue Argus Butterfly, Nagaland, India

I could not believe my eyes

When you flew across the skies

Your brilliant blue hypnotized me 

Your hues and shades were 3-D 

And then there were 3 of you 

You nestled on buds and then you flew

Majestically, knowing that time 

is finite, fleeting, of value prime

Thank you for that flash of beauty and grace

Go on….your dreams you must chase…..



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Daddy long legs

You are an integral part of my childhood

When things were less analysed but better understood

You walked on your monster-truck legs

We called you Daddy longlegs

You remind that everything hasn’t changed

Though episodically the world seems deranged

Thank you for appearing again

To remind me of the joys and slight pain

Of magical days gone by

Of the ability of thoughts to fly

Of omnipresent miracles and magic

Your reappearance did the trick…….


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The Glow-worm

When the night is long and dark

You wait patiently on a bark

Your posterior has the seventh sense

The unique property of  bioluminescence  !!

You are the stars that shine on earth

Blessed are those who see your worth

You make indelicate words sound amazing

The word bottom and worm require praising………

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Purple passion fruit-delicious and healthy

The name passion fruit is exotic 

it conjures up visions that are hypnotic

It is delicious and full of all things good

Not only does it enhance your mood

it fights cancer and many a disease

Has antioxidants and helps reduce wheeze

It keeps your BP in check, has Vitamins

A, B, C and Cryptoxanthin !!!

it tastes delicious and smells so good

No wonder, it’s called a super-food !!!!

P.S—–please check with your physician before trying anything new as it may interfere with any medication/ pre-existing condition……





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