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Wild orchids-Himalayas

Undoubtedly one of the most exotic species of flowers, the orchids entice and fascinate people all over the world. It’s a bonus when you do not have to mutilate them to admire their beauty in a vase in your home. Imagine fields of wild orchids of different hues growing in gay abandon all around you, as you climb a steep and treacherous mountain path. The delicate perfume plays with your senses and hypnotizes you. The song that plays on your lips is..’You fill up my senses…’

IMG_4630 - Copy IMG_5075 IMG_4841 IMG_4632 - Copy IMG_4632 DSC02589


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People classified by website responses

When I started the website, it was on a whim…..the child made it, linked it to FB, G plus, Twitter etc etc. 

What 3 years have taught me about people :

There are the

  • Generous appreciators who try to find something good to say about a blog
  • Skeptics who feel I have something to gain
  • Boycotters who shun it completely as they are too good to read something penned by a novice
  • Intellectuals who add to my knowledge
  • Friends who read it because they know me and like me!!! ( yes, it was a shock to me too that such people exist)
  • Lurkers who  talk to me about it when we meet socially —without ever having visited it
  • Encouragers who inspire me to write

Google has placed 3 advertisements !!!!!! This was the ambition and dream with which I began ( I am clueless as to why I wanted it!!!!) … that it is done, I shall discontinue it and write another book…..

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Sunbird on our orange tree

Our orange tree produces flowers and fruits that the birds love…..each day birds delight us with their antics when they perch there…the ultimate test of beauty is itching and looking great while doing it !!!

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Miracle of Kedarnath Temple, Himalayas

The Kedarnath Temple is a temple at about 12,000 feet in the Himalayas in India. In 2013, there were massive floods and large scale destruction surrounding the temple. Miraculously, a large boulder positioned itself behind the temple and diverted the flow of turbulent water, stones and debris on either side of the temple, saving it from destruction. Every structure was destroyed for miles around the temple. The boulder stands testimony to this event,as it has not been moved. The temple has a triangular Shivling in the inner part of the temple. There is a statue of Nandi carved from stone outside the temple. Any wish by a pilgrim who visits the temple is said to be granted by Lord Shiva. The temple can be reached by a trek of about 39 kms from Gaurikund, or a 7 minute helicopter ride.

it started to snow while we were there… A frenzied collective prayer from all present resulted in instant sunshine.. If you are a believer, it was a miracle…

The helicopter ride ….


The temple ….image

The boulder that saved the temple…


More of the temple and ride back ..

  • image



In the picture above, the path of destruction on either side of the temple is visible…


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Delete Bucket list, Create Bonus List

IMG_5144After having gone to some of the highest , largest and widest places in the world and having travelled to some of the Wonders of the World, I realize that it is time to retire my bucket list. None of us know when we are going to ‘kick the bucket’, it’s time to enjoy what we have and what we have done, rather than yearning for more. 

Get rid of the Bucket list, create a Bonus list…Each day, each moment is a bonus…

My bonus list looks a little like this :

  • I love my family and they love me ( the rest is an additional bonus!)
  • I climbed out of bed today
  • I am not in pain
  • I take care of myself and work for a living
  • I’m in a job where I can ease the suffering of others
  • My mouth can curl into a smile
  • I have teeth 
  • I can speak..and yell
  • I can say what I want (all filters are off–no self-editing)
  • I can travel 
  • I can sing and dance (terribly, but I don’t care)
  • I made someone smile/ snigger at me today
  • I don’t care what people think of me, I approve of some aspects of me 🙂


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Green Sapphire Butterfly-Nagaland, India

Each time I see something for the first time, I am overjoyed and think that it is the most beautiful thing (animate or inanimate) that I have ever seen!!

I wonder why we have this fascination….for the first time???? the best??? Each living being is incomparable….and the more you spend time with anything, the more amazing it is……..the fact that you are with anything or anyone for a long time means that you share precious moments with them which make you hang on for more….or is it many many first times revisited with them???? 

The Male Green Sapphire Butterfly we saw recently in the forests (several times, over a week) is breathtakingly beautiful……it posed while we literally breathed over it!!!

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Chatting online—Care or Scare??

The internet is amazing, though it has it’s advantages and disadvantages. None of us are perfect, we continue to learn till our last breath. There are stages of being on social media, no matter what age or level of maturity we have….(this applies to the majority of the human population, not the saints or the demons!)….

  1. Stage 1–Oooh, I have a friend request, how nice! Let me send some of these happy moments to the people I know…and the people they know 🙂
  2. Stage 2–Hmm, people are not what they seem on the surface, maybe I should be more cautious.
  3. Stage 3–What the Hell !!! Who are these people? how did I not see that they would be like this!!! Time to unfriend a few….wait, let me see how to do that.
  4. Stage 4–all problems solved–There is a wonderful feature–the Block option!!          

Be careful—be very careful….be paranoid. Children are especially susceptible, they are naturally good and innocent and predators know precisely what to say and do to win them over. While we imagine we are all unique, most humans are prone to ‘appreciation’ and respond well to undue attention. What you need to know before you chat and use the ‘awesome’ free video calls and chats…..

  1. If someone is admiring you and noticing things that you do and say online, he/she is admiring ALL other people in the universe for the ‘very same amazing and unique’ qualities.
  2. If they say that you look beautiful and are super-intelligent, or that you have a great taste in music or send you pictures of puppies or flowers every morning….you are just one of the many they have targeted …in their mind, you are ‘pathetic, attention seeking and vulnerable’.
  3. You may confide details about your family , your views, your workplace, your dreams to these people who will use it against you.
  4.   Why are people targeting others? may be a need to manipulate, to be desired…or to get details to figure out your passwords and hack into your bank account, or to stalk your children.
  5. What should you do? I’m neither very cerebral or worldly wise, but I do know that you should never video chat, editing can cause havoc with what you have said and done. If someone is too involved in your life, tell them about your partner and bore them to death!!! Ask about their parent/ partner/ job….it scares them off really fast.
  6. There are wonderful people out there, take time to get to know the medium of communication you are using, try to have strictly public interactions and enjoy virtual surfing without drowning and hurting yourself and those you cherish. 
  • Anything said or done on the internet can never be fully erased…before you do or say something, ask yourself….’Am I willing to share this with the galaxy?’
  • Share your passwords with your partner and let the world know you are doing wonders. 

Happy surfing!!!



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The great compliment

Humans are flawed…while proclaiming to the world that we are not amazing and pretending we do not think the world of ourselves….we secretly believe we are at least almost-the-best in some sphere or the other!!!!

We love being appreciated , in our heart we know exactly how much we deserve, here are the rules of the Great Compliment: It should 

  • Be From a non-creepy person
  • Seem devoid of sarcasm
  • Appear genuine 
  • Be Believable
  • Be Just a little teeny-weeny bit more sweet than the truth
  • Be Well deserved
  • Never-ever be over-the-top
  • Not insult one’s intelligence
  • Not be given only and constantly via private messages/ text
  • Be without the expectation of a return compliment!!!!

I smiled happily when I was told today that my dress was so lovely that it deserved a second look…..and when I was told…’ you are pretty’ …:) while you smirk and snort, I shall enjoy my day..wait, is it a conspiracy to make me feel better before springing a Bazinga on me??? 


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Smile—even if you have to force it

Pros of a smile….

  • Release of endorphins…..which make you feel happy, reduce stress
  • Even a forced smile releases endorphins!!!!
  • Exercises facial muscles that make you more attractive
  • Add a laugh (real or forced)…. muscles are exercised, the lungs expand, a sit-at-home-feel-good-workout is created


  • Love more, express your emotions, frown less
  • Focus on the positive 
  • Life is not that long…spend time doing what makes you happy
  • Be with people who enjoy your company as much as you enjoy their presence
  • Remove/ ignore toxic people…smile at them, it annoys them!
  • Read, travel, hug family members (your core circle give you core strength) 
  • Text your partner (naughty texts work wonders!)
  • Tell your partner how much you love them every day (if you don’t, find a hobby that gives you pleasure)
  • Speak politely but express yourself, love and hate with style
  • Move on……do not let the downside of life or people get you down, do not ulcerate over failures
  • Exercise…in moderation, change the workout, make it enjoyable
  • Eat non-packaged food, locally grown\
  • Watch TV shows/ movies which make you happy
  • Grow flowers and plants
  • Take a break with loved ones\
  • Adopt a pet—-(there is a reason canines are called man’s best friend)
  • Help others in need…visit an orphanage and an old age home… will make you happy
  • The spa works for some…we create our own 🙂
  • Facetime/ video chat loved ones…..laugh, smile, share happiness and love


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Sufi/Dervish dance video

Those who have visited the Middle East have generally enjoyed the Sufi or Dervish dance, which is considered to be a form of meditation. It is achieved by getting rid of any falsehood or ego and listening to God, while spinning one body repetitively in a circular motion. It is perfected through years of hard work and focusing on the inner self. Just watching it can make you dizzy !! 

Seating for the audience around a central stage in the desert…


Click on MVI 2898 below for the video of the Sufi dance….


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