A couple of high rollers-Indian Rollers

I have seen the Indian Roller on quite a few occasions….it is a bird that is considered auspicious. While travelling through our countryside in the early hours of the morning, the Kingfishers beckoned and the Black Drongos tempted, the Green Bee eaters swooped down, but I had decided I would not stop for any bird. For the first time in my life, I saw two Indian Rollers sitting on the grass near the side of the road!! I had to stop and take my little camera with me…as I watched, they rose majestically, spreading their royal blue wings and perched on a wire. As if this were not enough, they flew past me and around me for what seemed like a few precious moments but lasted for a full five minutes. I clicked pictures, but could get them in the same frame only a few times. The individual pictures are of a better definition and quality, but to me the ones with both of them in the same frame are special….a man walking by stopped and looked at me looking at the aerial display and told me I was really lucky as he had lived there for 70 years and never seen anything quite like this ! Thank you, keep Rolling…..

DSC05220 DSC05240

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