A Doctor’s day

It was our day..again! I had a little boy as a patient who has severe allergic conjunctivitis. He is from a very poor family and gets free medication from me and others like me. I had asked his father repeatedly to buy him a pair of sunglasses, which he said they could not afford. I had kept the first sunglasses worn by my son as a personal treasure. I told the child and the father that my son had used them as a child for a short while and that they were precious to us ( and they were expensive at the time we bought them). I offered them to the child, who rewarded me with a brilliant smile (the very first time I have seen the child smile). To ensure he does not throw them away, I have warned them to use them as an ‘entry ticket’ to see me in my office….where a free supply of medicines and books and school fees will always be there for him…while we crib about traffic jams and terrible weather, there are those who can not afford medical treatment…Thank you to the-powers-that-be….

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