A little Stress should not cause Di-stress…………

Stress….we are all experts on giving advice to others about how to de-stress. The new age Gurus talk about it all the time, so we all know the damage caused by it. Before you listen to a person in loose, comfortable clothes who does not have to go to office every day or get a performance report (they live off the money they earn from you!!!!)  it might help to know that a little stress can be good for you…..

  • Have you noticed that your concentration level is heightened when you feel a little pressure? At the end of a task, you actually feel good and the satisfaction of having pushed your limits does make you glow (If it does not, you are in the wrong profession)
  • People go to great lengths for the adrenaline rush, which is caused by stress….physical and emotional. The general consensus of the human race is that it feels great, or else nobody would risk their lives to get that ‘high’
  • A faster heartbeat, heightened awareness, increased concentration and a little sleeplessness….doesn’t it sound a little like falling in love???? don’t we all crave that feeling?
  • Of course this is only if you have to face stress for a small duration…in the long term it can harm your well being. 
  • If nothing works and you fell tired/ drained/ unhappy…….you can always learn to preach, the flowing robes and perfect speeches can ensure followers who will make sure you do nothing but talk……..
  • PS: NO Gurus were harmed during the typing of this post……if you are all set to yell at me….Breathe deeply, close your eyes, meditate………make sure nobody can press your trigger for stress that easily 🙂

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