A trashy heartfelt poem, from the archives

When we met you did not believe in love at all,

At the start you played hardball,

It was our destiny, our fate,

Luckily you were not too late,

You scooped down and picked me up in your arms,

Off went a million alarms,

We threw caution to the winds,

We were in a spin,

We started our tango, our love dance,

We both drowned in our romance,

Never was anybody so happy to drown,

Thus began the countdown,

To our union, our passion,

We both swung into action,

The heavens above and the earth below,

Did their blessings bestow,

Forever entwined, our hearts, souls and mind,

We are pieces of a puzzle, two of a kind,

Never shall I leave you,

Doesn’t mean I’ll obey you,

We shall argue, we shall fight,

Through it all we shall love with all our might,

I’m a pseudo, the queen of conceit,

I’m a liar and full of deceit,

Though what I’ve accomplished is no mean feat,

There is a part of me that’s vulnerable and sweet,

Darling why are you miles away,

With you I want to stay,

Yours is the face I see,

In happiness and misery,

You are the only one for me,

You allow me to be just me,

You can affect me,

Upset and elevate me,

Why and what are we waiting for,

Come here, from typing my hands are sore!!

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