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As humans, we are connected to each other. These Connections enrich our lives make our existence enjoyable and meaningful. We learn, grow, and evolve continuously through our personal journey on this planet. Other humans and their stories intrigue, inspire and motivate us to explore, work, live, and laugh. This is a platform for us to interact, share and connect. All content on this website is original and © WidenYourHorizon.com, unless otherwise noted. Any unauthorized copying, downloading or sharing of any content is an infringement of the copyright.

About the Author

Dr Manisha Rathi is a Professor in a Medical Institution in India. She has published a book called “The Connection: A surgeon and a Soldier”. She met her husband,who is an army officer 20 years ago, and they have an 18 year old son. As a family, they love to travel and have been to several exotic destinations which include some of the wonders of the world. They have done skydiving from 16,000 feet and white water rafting. They believe attitude and gratitude can elevate the human soul to a great altitude.