Airport Lounge environment

Any lounge, in general, has certain kinds of people :

  1. The Dignified….few and far between, they sit quietly, read the paper or a book, drink tea/ coffee, are not obsessed with using the free wi-fi or their phones. Salute!!
  2. The Obnoxious…Loud, talking non-stop on their phones, walking around, discussing important clients or meetings, repeatedly….they are the ‘Phoney-ies’….often have the thingy in their ear and make sure everyone can hear them.
  3. Net hoggers….In-spite of the free wi-fi and really affordable internet on the phone, they hog the computers available and sit there from the moment they arrive till they depart.
  4. Foodies…..They stuff themselves with all the food and drinks available, often asking the staff to get the live counter started!!!!
  5. Brood-ies…. Scowl, complain incessantly. 
  6. Intimate Illegitimates……the old, round man with the gold watch and exotic cuff links, courting a hot young girl whom he whispers to, touches, lecherously looks at while she giggles, scouring the room for a wealthier man…when he gets a call, he walks away and sweats while talking in hushed tones over the phone.
  7. Charge Fiends……they hog several recharge areas and hover around their equipment nervously, using their phones etc constantly even while being recharged.
  8. Networkers…..They introduce themselves and talk about themselves, their work and their philosophy on life, handing out their business cards.
  9. The Anxious…..they glance at the departure announcements and question the staff about their flight information, looking at their watchers every 30 seconds.
  10. The Annoying Bloggers……(yup, that’s me) they smile non-stop at a secret joke, observe, pretend they are intellectually superior and write about all they see 🙂                                     I saw only two people out of a spread out group of an ever changing number of people over the space of an hour…….who were not in a love affair with their phone, looking at it constantly…..turn off the internet on the phone, life goes on, becomes more interesting 🙂

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