An extraordinary lady in an ordinary world

There is a Mall at the Delhi-Gurgaon border in India called the Ambience Mall. I have visited it often in the past few years, and came away a few times thinking that I was a part-time ladies toilet-cleaner there !!! The washrooms are visited by the crowds and the seat generally left with a few drops of left-over¬†micturition fluid ( ladies toilet)….the toilet rolls are depleted rapidly and replaced very slowly, so much so that I carry some in my handbag from home. The floor near the washbasins is sprayed with water…..I walk gingerly as I do not want my femur neck to be fractured. That was until today……a wonderful lady has kept the row of stalls on the ground floor clean and dry and wipes the seat and floor before any lady enters the toilet!!!! She manages the never-ending line of ladies entering and leaving and works tirelessly…..I went back in to thank her and tell her that she is extraordinary …that nobody has ever done what she is doing, with a smile on her face..that I was lucky to have met her. I asked her for a feedback form, she did not know that they existed!!! I asked her if I could click her picture and write about her….she agreed, and lowered her eyes, standing still, before she took off again to wipe the toilet seat before another lady went in…..I wish we could all appreciate her and clean up after ourselves… I always do that…..¬†


I went to Ambi Mall after that and tried different washrooms….I also went to a 5-star hotel and airport in the same area and used the washroom there…..the washrooms, irrespective of their location were neither dry nor spotlessly clean…when I pointed in out in the otherwise classy hotel, the cleaning lady on duty did clean it….I went back to the washroom this lady cleans…yesterday, after 4 months….I saw the back of a lady vigorously scrubbing a washroom before a lady used it ( there was a small line of ladies there as the Mall was very crowded yesterday)….and went into the other washroom to clean it….I called out….’Hasina Banu, it can only be you who is cleaning the area so well”….she emerged, with a smile on her face……she told me that people had sought her out to recognise her work, she had received an award and appreciation and been shown her picture on my blog!!!!! As I thanked her again for being wonderful, she said…’Thank me!!!! I asked for a picture, she smiled this time….and I clicked a random picture of one of the washroom she looks after…this is a washroom in a busy mall in India, busier with the holiday season…..she is my Hero for 2016….

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