Are we ‘exposing’ our children to predators on social media?

We are not speaking of normal or nice people. We are discussing predators who lie, impersonate others, mislead, track, stalk, kidnap…and much worse. On the prowl, they find that the Internet is a rich hunting ground with information that leads them to their ‘prey’.

Before we shake our head in disgust and say we have ‘privacy settings’ or that we have only ‘good’ people in our contacts, think again.

Some things that we all do, which can endanger our child:

  • Posting pictures of our innocent and cuddly toddlers or any child in a swimsuit or half-clad pictures (remember we are talking about psychos, paedophiles and sickos targeting them)
  • Using the ‘location’ services by which our kids can be tracked
  • Posting pictures of a school/ college function, which gives away their location
  • Playground pics with a map
  • Travel pics which are ‘immediately’ uploaded describing where we are, and what we are doing
  • Making a fake ‘adult’ profile for a child
  • Home pictures with location enabled
  • Auto-uploading of pics
  • Posting videos of the child
  • The name, age, sex of the child
  • A school/ college trip they have to gone to
  • A summer job in another country
  • Posting of pics of cosy romantic dinners at which the couple are without the children….the children are at the home we have described through other pics!!!

Yes, basically anything !!!! the people stalking you are keeping track, some of them may be ‘decent’ folk that you know in real life…remember abuse is frequently carried out by a person you know.

Apart from the proud parents, who put their children at risk simply because they cannot comprehend anybody misreading the innocent pictures and posts….

There are the seriously dangerous parents who endanger their children to upload videos of their children crying without comforting them so that they get a ‘great video’ which can go ‘viral’, pictures of their children being hurt or abused and sell their children’s pictures and do unimaginable things…that is another category altogether.

The next time we want to appreciate our child, let’s try to keep it to family and friends, off social media. Happy parenting !!


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