Auntiehood Rules

No, you shall not, can not and will not call me Auntie…….if you fall into ANY of the following categories : ( if you do not have a weird sense of humour, please stop reading right now)!!!!

  1. If you are married…no matter how old you are
  2. If you have a child
  3. if you can vote
  4. if you can drive
  5. If you are educated 
  6. if you have/ had amazing parents
  7. If you do not know me personally–in real life
  8. if you and I are somehow connected only through social media
  9. If you have grey hair
  10. If any tooth has fallen out/ has a filling!!!!

Here is what you can call me…..Manisha, Doctor, Professor, Ma’am…..I have worked very hard to get where I am and am lucky to be old……………..I would rather celebrate that fact than be defined by it……….those who have known me in my childhood and youth…actually anyone..can call me Mini (my parents named me that, it was later used as a nickname)… I use the A word for people in my real life, whom I have known since childhood……Aunty M will be everybody’s Aunt if and when she has a grandchild……( subject to change)!!


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