Balance and burden

While urban girls starve, work hard to get slim and toned…..the rural girls have no option but to undergo a rigorous daily workout as a part of their lives. Water is available in households in the place where this picture was clicked…..but it is believed by the rural folk that certain wells or bore wells have the purest drinking water. The girls/ ladies of the villages walk with containers full of water on their heads to fetch drinking water for their family!!! The girls seem to glide effortlessly, balancing the burden of the large containers of water on their heads for miles…………it is heavy, I know because I tried it. Their posture and balance could match that of supermodels….the highway is their ramp. Is it a burden? Does it give them pleasure to do something for their families? Do they feel bad that only girls are asked to do this? Do they envy the girls driving luxury vehicles whizzing past them? Do the girls whizzing past them envy their physique and posture? Do the urban girls realize it is a package deal and this posture comes with hardships??? Is this water better than the water that is available in the taps in their homes in the village? I would never want to or dream about exchanging places with anyone…..


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