Be an Opti-miser

To save our planet, we must utilize our resources in the best way possible. Don’t be a miser, be an Optimiser, one who uses all that he/she has. This is what works for me….

  1. Squeeze the last bit of toothpaste by rolling the tube on itself
  2. When the shampoo/ shower gel, ketchup bottle is empty, you can add a  few drops of water to use it one last time
  3. Turn off the tap while you brush, and the shower while you apply shampoo or soap
  4. Turn off all the iron, tv. all electrical appliances from the main switch
  5. Turn out the lights when you walk out of a room
  6. Pour the amount to drink you plan to consume, be it water, milk, juice or wine
  7. At a party or buffet, take only what you mean to eat 
  8. Drive your car in the Eco mode
  9. Get a club or gym membership only if you plan to use it
  10. Dig a pit in your backyard and throw vegetable peels and other biodegradable waste in it
  11. Reuse shopping bags
  12. Use potted plants as gifts instead of cut flowers
  13. Use emails or phone calls instead of greeting cards or dinner invites
  14. Use unused pages from old notebooks for scribbling
  15. Keep pens/ markers upright, with the tip down
  16. Use air conditioners and heaters only when you need them. So many of us use quilts in summer when the AC is set to chill…………                                                                          Let’s make our resources last……this tap was turned off after filling water in a bowl for he birds…..

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