Beauty comes in many forms

A black duckling looked at a beautiful swan and asked its mother..”Will I grow up to look like that?”. Mother Duck sighed..she had dreaded having to answer this question as the swans around them got the most attention from passersby and other pond dwellers alike. The swans were beautiful creatures, people would feed them and pose for pictures with them, sometimes gazing at them for hours on end. The ducks fed on the food that was leftover from the food given to the swans. 

She looked at the bright-eyed duckling and said, “You will grow more beautiful day by day, your kindness and generosity will glow with a bright light, but only the special or enlightened people and animals will be able to see it. There is no universal definition of beauty. The creatures on this planet all of all hues, shapes and sizes. Some of them appeal to us, while totally different creatures appeal to others. Some are in love with the water snakes, some with the trees and plants that grow around us, and some who are short of time feel compelled to click pictures to go to another destination and  have the time to appreciate only the larger, the brighter and shinier beings. You will be the best for someone who is worthy of you one day, but you must always be special to yourself and be proud of who you are and what you do.”

As the mother was explaining this to her duckling, a group of children approached the pond and pointed to the duckling. “Look at that beautiful black colour of that little duck”, said one, while another said, “and look at the way the eye of this duck glows.”

The duckling smiled at its mother and swam away gracefully, its eye gleaming and its head held high. 


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