Beauty Regimen….be one with nature

Born into a family which did not pamper it’s outer appearance but stressed on sharpening the brain, we have not been getting pedicures, manicures, or letting people wash or style our hair. Luckily, we were brought up by surgeons and eventually became surgeons so the constant cleansing of the body made sure we were well scrubbed and did not possess dead skin which salons and beauty parlours needed to peel away. I wash and scrub and use bright nail paint, perfume, lipstick on my own, follow a short-cut self grooming ritual that leaves me with time to go for long walks, to admire the flora and fauna. Step into the salty waters of the sea, ocean shore or river……walk barefoot and you will be amazed at how good you feel….there is a glow that comes from happiness and contentment when you are in sync with nature, which no bottle or lotion can provide. Look less into mirrors and more into the water, or the eyes of loved ones to see how beautiful you are…


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