Behaviour of fish and Xena, the pale-eyed fish

In our dining room, we have an aquarium….no fish are eaten in that room…….there are definite behaviour patterns of the 5 fish we have…..which resemble human interactions!!! 4 of the fish swim and eat and live together. The fifth (or first, depends where you are counting from) is my favourite….she appears to be an albino and blind. She is Xena, a loner…….she got ¬†entrapped and we rescued her from a rock with tunnels (the rock was discarded)… of the goldfish from the quartet goes to her several times, sometimes succeeding in coaxing her to join him……..the other 3 fish are oblivious to the existence of Xena, but get jittery when they realise they are alone, and rush to swim to the others……thus, there are …

  • The loner
  • The crowd
  • The compassionate from the crowd who interact and fraternise with the loner

Humans are like that too…..the ones who believe that being in a crowd makes them part of the ‘cool and happening’ people…..there is no such thing…it is the coolest thing possible to be alive…any which way…..

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