Bheem Pul, Mana, India, the Bridge to heaven

In the village Mana on the Indo-Tibet-China border, a stone bridge connects the village to the ‘Path to heaven’ (written in an earlier blog). It is a bridge which is made by a huge rock that lies over the Saraswati River. Legend has it that it was made by one of the Pandava brothers ( the most powerful brother called Bhim, hence the name). When Draupadi was traveling with them to heaven, she could not cross the River Saraswati. Bheem picked up a large boulder and placed it across the river for her to cross. Apparently, the ridges on the rock were made by his hands. The Saraswati flows under the bridge. It is magical in more ways than one, at this point too there is a rainbow over the gushing waters of the river. 

The Saraswati River cascading down from above….


The plaque on the bridge…


A bridge with an amazing view, and the sound of the river…


I could not get enough of the rainbow….


The single slab of a rock/ boulder that lies over the river to literally get you to the ‘other side’..


The bridge….as you can see here, the mountain to the side stops short of the river…



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