Biggest, Highest Ice rink in the world…Medeu, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Almaty has many amazing sights to offer, a significant attraction of Almaty is the Medeu skating Ice Rink and Ski resort. At 1,691 metres above sea level, it is the highest skating rink in the world. The Medeu Dam is located south of it, which protects the city and the rink from land slides/ ice or mud flow. Almaty will host the 2017 Winter Universiade, and Medeo will be used for the opening and closing ceremonies, speed skating and the new demonstration sport bandy. There is a beautiful Alpine Ski resort above the rink, a part of the Shymbulak / Chimbulak resort, at 2,200 metres above sea level. 


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Enjoy the scenic route to the resort…the view of the Rink, skate if you can, enjoy skiing at the Shymbaluk…..the washrooms are clean and centrally heated..perfect, don’t forget to click pictures 🙂

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