Blurred watching

Others may be bird watching, bud watching….I’m generally blurred watching. It involves a simple non-technique….laugh, move, breathe, dance…and take a few random shots with your camera of the object of your affection at that point in time….guaranteed blurred pictures…each one will bring back memories of laughter, of faces turned to each other, of hugs and smiles, of family and friends…of love…of a hobby that is treasured, rather than competition level shots..I leave that to the experts. I carry our small Sony instead of the huge Canon 70-200 heavy, long lens…they should call it the Cannon! The first thing the boys in the family do…buy a great camera, exchange the lens which comes with it for a heavier, allegedly best lens….enjoy the shots, the memories, the moments the picture remind you of….

DSC02296 DSC02763 DSC04303

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