Cannabis-originated in the Himalayas

Cannabis originated in the Himalayas and is endemic to the Indian subcontinent and Asia. In the Himalayas, it grows in abundance, not unlike the plains, but there is a major difference……the flowers and seeds are produced in plenty on the Himalayan mountain slopes exclusively (I have never seen the flowers and seeds growing in the wild in the plains, whereas almost all the cannabis plants here on the mountain slopes have plenty of flowering parts). The marijuana from the plant comes from the flowers and buds, while the resin gives Hashish. The psychoactive drug called tetrahydrocannabinol is what determines the potency of the plant. Apart from drugs used for medicinal and recreational purposes, the plant yields fiber and oil. 

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The delicate leaves and flowers are a part of the lush green foliage and grows wild in the Himalayas.

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