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Ever since we become aware of our surroundings and life around us, the will to live becomes stronger, along with our hopes and fears for ourselves and others who play a vital role in our lives. We interact with others and develop the desire to share our experiences with them and hear about their life. Here are some people who hope, have dreams and nightmares. Listen to their stories.

Celebrating a birthday….

My new year begins with my birthday!!!!!! It’s a day I generally spend with family only….. what makes my day special is…

  1. Thanking my parents in my heart, mind and soul and praying for them to be my parents in every lifetime on earth.
  2. Thanking the powers-that-be for allowing me to experience life and praying for my sister, husband and child to remain as they are and be with me in every life.
  3. Letting go of any annoyance anyone caused me and NOT wasting time thinking of any negative people or event.
  4. Making a new start, but carrying forward the positives (people and events) in my life.
  5. Buying and giving a few things  away to people as gifts who are less privileged. 
  6. Being a child…celebrating the fact that I was born.
  7. Singing and dancing and eating all the sweets and chocolate I can.
  8. Smiling….not whining about getting older, but enjoying the fact that I have lived another year, a lot of people do not have that privilege.
  9. My resolution each year is to smile a little more, rave and rant at issues that need attention a little louder, do a little more for those who need my help.
  10. Each year, I care a little less about what others think of me, each year I want to impress myself with my actions….one day I will, may God let me live that long 🙂                  May the powers that be give health and mental, physical, spiritual health to my family and keep us connected. 🙂

Counting my blessings today….

  • Cut a cake on the eve of my entry into the world, and at the stroke of midnight with my loved ones…..with the child being able to share the moment through the internet…..
  • Didn’t sleep at all as we had a pre-sunrise flight to paradise 
  • I can walk, talk, eat and laugh today……I have lived another year….that is a miracle
  • I am super excited!!! and full of energy…can’t walk, can only run/ dance—-yup, the chocolates and sugar are responsible…
  • I have the support of those I love, which makes me vocal and free to express my opinion
  • I work, I earn….I give 
  • I have fat….will survive a drought 
  • I have family and friends who praise and criticise me to my face
  • I known what ‘crazy love’ is………

The picture with the rainbow was taken near our home in an enchanted forest……

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When the child leaves…..try to be happy

Happiness is a bubble….as beautiful and enjoyable as it is transitory and impossible to freeze/ capture forever……when a child leaves…one can focus on….

  • Be glad he has admission in a wonderful university!!!
  • Rejoice that you get to spend holidays with him
  • Laugh, love….say it all and do it all……
  • Do things you all love
  • Share….the sinful treats, thoughts, views, advice….let him advise you as well
  • Listen…each word and moment is precious
  • Sing off key, dance terribly….involve him 
  • Eat, travel, work out…spend time with the generation that produced you as well…..your parents and sibling are as precious to him and you
  • Enjoy blowing soap bubbles and getting on a swing……
  • Happiness is like a bubble….do not try to grab it, enjoy it…blow more before the first bursts…….

You are lucky he wants to rush back home in the holidays…..send him off with a hug, a kiss and a smile…..and the promise of the next meeting…..

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Clouds below us

When we fly high

In the non-polluted sky

We realize that things exist outside our realm of imagination

It makes us  wonder, brings joy and elation

Innocence and purity, Mother Nature in her glory

The outer space tells many a story

Coming back to Mother Earth is a delight as well

As this is home, where we live, love, fight and dwell…..



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Our child is 22 today–13,000 miles away!

  • Do I try to impress with my parental love, unreasonable, unconditional and unreal?? Do I try my hand at wit? Do I try to impart words of wisdom???
  • Neither!!! I shall celebrate that our child is in the same universe as us. That is the biggest blessing of all. 
  • Yes, our lives transformed the day we realized we were going to expand our family. Along with his birth, there was never ending celebration as he happened to be the first child of two families. Later it was decided by all concerned to keep him as the only child, shared by all of us.
  • Has it been easy for him? If being pampered by eight people, all older than you, and being admonished by eight is fun, then he has had a ball!!!
  • One of us wanted him to be a golfer, another thought he should be a surgeon, while a third wanted him to be Dr Sheldon Cooper from TBBT. He watched Star Wars with some of us, Harry Potter was read to him, PS2, PS3 and PS4 games were played with him. He was lectured to and mollycoddled, often in quick succession. 
  • On being asked why he did not tag me in pictures or wish me on my birthday on social media he said, ” You choose, either I can wish you in Reel life or in real life!!!”. Thank you, words I wish I could live by.
  • My prayer for him? May you live long and healthy my child, may you always be as cool as you are. Imagine a 22 year old who does not really believe in FB, twitter, and abhors PDA, while being affectionate and demonstrative away from the prying eyes of the world. I could learn a lot from him. 
  • I pray that you never stop believing in magic, may you enjoy the miracles that happen around us all the time
    • I hope your work is enjoyable and stimulates you
    • May your  life be healthy, happy and long
    • Push yourself to do your best and never compare yourself to others
    • Ensure that your thirst for knowledge is more than your hunger for money
  • May you buy all the gadgets and gizmos you want with your own money ( not because I do not want to buy them, but because it will mean you have some money to spare).
  • May you adapt, yet remain who you are.
  • May you have enough to share with those less privileged.
  • May you have fun and share your life with people who make you laugh.
  • May you continue to visit parts of the world that excite you.
  • May you differentiate between those who  love you and those who want to use you, and treat them accordingly.
  • May you keep loving your family and keep laughing with them, and at them 🙂
  • You’ve done the Bungy, may you never do it again!! Whew…..
  • IMG_4565

    Happiness does not come easily….grab it everyday… positive, happy and count your blessings……..and a smile brightens up the world…..



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Monday… an Ant :)

If there is someone up-there, the powers-that-be…..they/he/she must be having fun watching us scamper back and forth like a colony of ants, compete, compare, amass what we can ….building our ant-hills……the balance between degeneration, apathy, stagnation and over-ambitiousness is difficult……we can try to achieve it….

The pictures of an ant and the nest on the tree in the Himalayas that it crawled out of….

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Unsung hero

She stands in a thin sari, with a smile on her face, an air of positivity about her. She is 81 years of age, has been visiting the hospital for over 20 years, due to various ailments, some of them are not treatable. Instead of moping, she gathers the aged ‘single women’ around her…the widowed and the abandoned alike. She gives them courage, brings them with her and helps them to get themselves examined and get tested, as advised by the doctors. She says she will do this till she is able to walk, her mobility maybe restricted due to arthritis, her spirit is still free…..God bless her and those she helps, always without any complaints and with her signature smile. She has recently prevented a girl below 21 from being forced to marry, as the girl was keen to pursue her studies for another couple of years. The only thing she fears is being bed-ridden, may that never happen to a person who has always been there for others around her.


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Bloom to Doom

All living beings are meant to flourish

While plants and trees may flower-ish

Humans are known to reach their most attractive stage

Just before they reach a certain girth and age

The downward spiral does begin

As the body and soul wither within 

If one looks closely enough

As they age, they soar above

Those that are caught up in the material world

Life and experiences well learned

Have added a certain allure

As superficiality does blur 

Celebrate the aged, those who know how to be alive

Learn from them how to cast away the disguise

So that we can each agree

To shed our masks and be free…….




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The Love-drama on our chikoo tree

Our chikoo tree is level with the first floor terrace…..birds somehow like to perch here, despite my camera and me staring at them….some even come here and pose awhile…..this morning, a pair of birds perched in front of my nose and approached each other….they got closer, just when it appeared that they were going to spend their lives together………….a third bird appeared, lurking and watching them…..although the space where the two love-birds were perched was narrow, the villain joined them!!! they tried to stay there, but had to fly away…..soon there were none……….which was good, since it was time for me to get to work!  Why do some living beings have to ‘pile on’, to forcibly try to pry others apart??? 


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Flowers flourish in murky waters….

My Mumma told me long ago….’try not to blame your circumstances, do your best wherever and whenever you can, the lotus flourishes in muddy waters’…… .(almost everything I see connects to her telling me fascinating things)……at that time….I had thought ‘I have the best of circumstances, why does Mum think I’ll be in terrible situations?’…..While traveling in the North-East, we came across a beautiful little pond..with pink and purple water flowers…I call them that as I can not distinguish between the lotus and the lily! we stopped awhile and sat on the grassy banks to enjoy a ‘hot beverage’ ( Sheldon Cooper’s copyright)……the only sound was of the chirping of the birds and the dragonflies as they swooped over the flowers….I peeped into the barely-visible water… was muddy and murky………without the mud, these flowers can not thrive, without the flowers, the water is just a muddy ditch…….


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The balloon boy

Whenever I see a child selling balloons at a traffic light, my heart tightens a little as I remember a little boy from long ago. On a winter’s day, we were out celebrating the second birthday of our child, when a little boy requested us to buy some. He was about 7 years old, wearing worn out clothes. His hair was combed back neatly and his silent eyes had unfathomable depth. I silently clutched my son closer to me and told my husband to pay for all the balloons. The balloon seller’s eyes lit up, until I told him that he could keep the balloons for himself. he reached out his tiny little hands and said, “I am not asking for money, if you do not want the balloons, please take the money back.” Tears welled up in my eyes and we took some balloons. Every now and then I say a prayer for the child on the streets, a prayer that he preserved his character of working hard, of being self-sufficient, of integrity and wisdom that went beyond his years or lifestyle. God bless him and others like him. I have bought toys and other small curios from street vendors before and after that, but nobody else touched my heart. God bless that child and his family, who must be a grown man by now.DSC08258

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