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Ever since we become aware of our surroundings and life around us, the will to live becomes stronger, along with our hopes and fears for ourselves and others who play a vital role in our lives. We interact with others and develop the desire to share our experiences with them and hear about their life. Here are some people who hope, have dreams and nightmares. Listen to their stories.

Frailty of humanity

We strut about, thinking the universe revolves around us and our loved ones need us…..all it takes in a bout of acute gastroenteritis to realise that we have no control of our body and health….

What does one do??

Ask for help!!!! one can pass out in the washroom if the condition is severe….

Lots of oral rehydration solution

Antibiotics and antacids/ antispasmodics as and when required

Monitor BP, blood sugar, electrolytes…..

Make sure a loved one is with you

Eat, replenish fluids……and hope for the best

One episode of any sudden illness can force us to face our frailty, our expiry date and our priorities…..stay well, stay safe…..

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Medical doctors do not like to hear these:

Just because we followed our passion and dreams and try our best to help the ill….does not mean that we are infallible and indestructible …..The large majority of patients I have seen have been wonderful and I am grateful for them. But there are others… is what people have said to me over the ages…..

  • How can you be Ill???? you’re a doctor!!!!!!
  • You are an ophthalmologist…hmmm… , I have this pain in my shoulder..!!!!!!
  • Why don’t you try herbs for healing cataract??????
  • Why were you on leave the last time I came for a consultation???
  • There is a Guru who heals by a touch…..
  • I just googled my symptoms, now tell me…
  • Why did you not ‘make’ your son a doctor???
  • I want your opinion on this prescription I got…..
  • Just explain what you study in Ophthalmology…..

And so on……

Apart from this, they expect us to be on duty 24/7, 365 days a year, for our whole lives!!!!

We are not supposed to party/ travel/ have a life….

We are supposed to answer ALL phone calls at all times of the day or night….


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The benefits of ‘maturity’

Oh, what a joy is an age that is beyond youth…..I enjoy the age where we have people elder than us and younger than us…some of the joys are:

  1. Being able to pretend you don’t remember someone or something
  2. Pretending you can’t life a heavy load
  3. Pretending you can’t read without your glasses
  4. Being abrupt and direct
  5. Laughing uninhibitedly and saying what you want 
  6. Dancing and singing in an extremely non-gifted manner ( by now, one knows that nobody is watching )
  7. Being the first on and the last off a dance floor!!!
  8. Getting drenched in the rain
  9. Wearing comfortable shoes and clothes ( yup, comfy is now a good word)
  10. Exiting whatsapp groups, blocking, stalking, talking ….

The list is endless, the joys are too….explore, indulge, work hard, play hard…..

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Aren’t we all envious/ jealous of somebody at some point in our lives????

I envied the characters with superpowers, still envy them a bit……Have we ever wondered what it would be like to be someone we secretly envy????????????

  1. Those with superpowers…….would it not be realllllyyyyy frustrating to be so awesome and pretend to be below average to hide that secret super identity????
  2. The girl/ guy with the perfect physique……maybe they work very hard to look like they do and just maybe they envy us for being able to hog and laze around……….
  3. The smartest kid around….maybe it is a little lonely if people are afraid to open their mouths in front to you …..maybe the super-smart are afraid they’ll slip up, maybe they keep looking over their shoulder to see if the rest are catching up 🙂
  4. The child with the best parents…..maybe the parents keep pressuring the child to be as good as them……
  5. The most popular kid….maybe others want to be with them because they want the ‘cool kid tag’ too……maybe nobody really cares who they are or what they think 
  6. The over-privileged kid…maybe they have no incentive to work hard or to reach their full potential…..
  7. The naturally gifted….maybe they wonder if they will do well enough to make a living out of their talent
  8. The one with the spotless complexion….maybe they wonder if all they have is something that’s only skin-deep
  9. The fearless….maybe they have nothing to lose….
  10. Heart of gold….maybe they feel other’s suffering so much they can’t enjoy what they have…….                                                                                                                                                      And so on and so forth….enjoy what you have, put your physical, emotional, intellectual qualities to their maximum use and be grateful for what you have……you are a unique blend of flaws and perfection………………


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10 ways we annoy our child…..

Being a part of the human race, we want the best for our child….do we always go about it the right way, or does our approach become counterproductive???? Some of the things which annoy a child are talking about………….

  • The troubles we faced when growing up and how today’s children are so privileged
  • The achievements of other’s children…do we want to hear about the wonderful things other children’s parents do?
  • Future plans of the child, their aim in life
  • How they should not waste their time on the computer and other gadgets!!!! Can we set an example???
  • How their best BFF is not good enough for them
  • How junk food has ruined the world….errrr, lay off the fried stuff you love first
  • Their posture, attitude…..what about your own??
  • Lying…..haven’t we lied in front of them?
  • Your spouse in a negative way…..never involve the child
  • Work, job opportunities, how wrong their choice of a career is..they are under enough pressure                                       

What do we do??? We have to guide our child……let’s try to be appreciate of the effort he/she is putting into the curriculum. Lead by example by eating better, using your time with your family better, treating your spouse better, encouraging a dialogue instead of launching into a monologue. They are informed and may impress you with their point of view…….Encourage, support, monitor and be strict only when required.

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Teachers-all beings great and small

  • My Parents———–The best teachers who continue to inspire and amaze me are my parents—the most patient, honest, skilled, generous, hardworking, intelligent and loving people I have ever met in my life…I am grateful to the powers-that-be for them
  • My sister ——for her hunger of knowledge and strength, for her love and loyalty
  • My partner—–he encourages me to be me….for his support, love, being-the-man-in-a-crisis……..I use my maiden name and am gainfully employed due to him ( these two issues may sound small, but they make a world of difference and only a very strong, supportive and wonderful man would encourage a woman to do what she really wants)…for the love he showers on me, for the gentle critique whenever I need it, for making me feel special every single day (yes, we both love to love each other)
  • Our son—–for not needing to ‘fit in’ or try to be ‘cool’….he is the most tolerant, calm and cool person I know….I love the sarcasm and Bazinga moments we share
  • Our Dogs…..Penny and Timmy taught me unconditional love and the art of adoring….now Mr L (my sister’s dog) carries on those lessons
  • The Help—-for making me realize that I should never be proud, that I owe most of what I have due to my place of birth
  • Sister Gemma—–for being a ‘leftie’…since I mimicked almost every teacher and person I come across……for letting me develop my ambidextrous nature further
  • My patients—–for their faith
  • The academic Teachers—–who were worth emulating 

The Others—

  • The creeps and leches—-for teaching me the signs and signals which define them
  • The liars and cheats—for making me appreciate those in my life much more
  • The manipulators—-for making me smarter 

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Wall of Hope—Kohima, Nagaland, India

Local artists have got together to beautify and clean up Kohima. The Wall of Hope painted by them offers hope and inspiration……as it features the ordinary who persevered to become extraordinary…..

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Delete Bucket list, Create Bonus List

IMG_5144After having gone to some of the highest , largest and widest places in the world and having travelled to some of the Wonders of the World, I realize that it is time to retire my bucket list. None of us know when we are going to ‘kick the bucket’, it’s time to enjoy what we have and what we have done, rather than yearning for more. 

Get rid of the Bucket list, create a Bonus list…Each day, each moment is a bonus…

My bonus list looks a little like this :

  • I love my family and they love me ( the rest is an additional bonus!)
  • I climbed out of bed today
  • I am not in pain
  • I take care of myself and work for a living
  • I’m in a job where I can ease the suffering of others
  • My mouth can curl into a smile
  • I have teeth 
  • I can speak..and yell
  • I can say what I want (all filters are off–no self-editing)
  • I can travel 
  • I can sing and dance (terribly, but I don’t care)
  • I made someone smile/ snigger at me today
  • I don’t care what people think of me, I approve of some aspects of me 🙂


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The great compliment

Humans are flawed…while proclaiming to the world that we are not amazing and pretending we do not think the world of ourselves….we secretly believe we are at least almost-the-best in some sphere or the other!!!!

We love being appreciated , in our heart we know exactly how much we deserve, here are the rules of the Great Compliment: It should 

  • Be From a non-creepy person
  • Seem devoid of sarcasm
  • Appear genuine 
  • Be Believable
  • Be Just a little teeny-weeny bit more sweet than the truth
  • Be Well deserved
  • Never-ever be over-the-top
  • Not insult one’s intelligence
  • Not be given only and constantly via private messages/ text
  • Be without the expectation of a return compliment!!!!

I smiled happily when I was told today that my dress was so lovely that it deserved a second look…..and when I was told…’ you are pretty’ …:) while you smirk and snort, I shall enjoy my day..wait, is it a conspiracy to make me feel better before springing a Bazinga on me??? 


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Smile—even if you have to force it

Pros of a smile….

  • Release of endorphins…..which make you feel happy, reduce stress
  • Even a forced smile releases endorphins!!!!
  • Exercises facial muscles that make you more attractive
  • Add a laugh (real or forced)…. muscles are exercised, the lungs expand, a sit-at-home-feel-good-workout is created


  • Love more, express your emotions, frown less
  • Focus on the positive 
  • Life is not that long…spend time doing what makes you happy
  • Be with people who enjoy your company as much as you enjoy their presence
  • Remove/ ignore toxic people…smile at them, it annoys them!
  • Read, travel, hug family members (your core circle give you core strength) 
  • Text your partner (naughty texts work wonders!)
  • Tell your partner how much you love them every day (if you don’t, find a hobby that gives you pleasure)
  • Speak politely but express yourself, love and hate with style
  • Move on……do not let the downside of life or people get you down, do not ulcerate over failures
  • Exercise…in moderation, change the workout, make it enjoyable
  • Eat non-packaged food, locally grown\
  • Watch TV shows/ movies which make you happy
  • Grow flowers and plants
  • Take a break with loved ones\
  • Adopt a pet—-(there is a reason canines are called man’s best friend)
  • Help others in need…visit an orphanage and an old age home… will make you happy
  • The spa works for some…we create our own 🙂
  • Facetime/ video chat loved ones…..laugh, smile, share happiness and love


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