Celebrating a birthday….

My new year begins with my birthday!!!!!! It’s a day I generally spend with family only….. what makes my day special is…

  1. Thanking my parents in my heart, mind and soul and praying for them to be my parents in every lifetime on earth.
  2. Thanking the powers-that-be for allowing me to experience life and praying for my sister, husband and child to remain as they are and be with me in every life.
  3. Letting go of any annoyance anyone caused me and NOT wasting time thinking of any negative people or event.
  4. Making a new start, but carrying forward the positives (people and events) in my life.
  5. Buying and giving a few things  away to people as gifts who are less privileged. 
  6. Being a child…celebrating the fact that I was born.
  7. Singing and dancing and eating all the sweets and chocolate I can.
  8. Smiling….not whining about getting older, but enjoying the fact that I have lived another year, a lot of people do not have that privilege.
  9. My resolution each year is to smile a little more, rave and rant at issues that need attention a little louder, do a little more for those who need my help.
  10. Each year, I care a little less about what others think of me, each year I want to impress myself with my actions….one day I will, may God let me live that long 🙂                  May the powers that be give health and mental, physical, spiritual health to my family and keep us connected. 🙂

Counting my blessings today….

  • Cut a cake on the eve of my entry into the world, and at the stroke of midnight with my loved ones…..with the child being able to share the moment through the internet…..
  • Didn’t sleep at all as we had a pre-sunrise flight to paradise 
  • I can walk, talk, eat and laugh today……I have lived another year….that is a miracle
  • I am super excited!!! and full of energy…can’t walk, can only run/ dance—-yup, the chocolates and sugar are responsible…
  • I have the support of those I love, which makes me vocal and free to express my opinion
  • I work, I earn….I give 
  • I have fat….will survive a drought 
  • I have family and friends who praise and criticise me to my face
  • I known what ‘crazy love’ is………

The picture with the rainbow was taken near our home in an enchanted forest……

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