Choose a variety of friends

We all need friends…we are lucky if our partner is a bff as well, or if a sibling is really close to us. Bottom line…we need people to love, annoy, criticize, praise, interact with in each and every way. The best way to use the human race is if you have ALL kinds of friends, it is rejuvenating and enjoyable. Here are a few of the ‘must have’ kinds……

  1. A generous friend..who listens, cares and is there for you
  2. Friends who are much older and much younger than you….you need them to see things from a different perspective
  3. A friend who looks better than you…yes, keep your vanity in check
  4. A friend who is smarter than you, who can be relied on for sane advice 
  5. A friend who disapproves of your crazy streak and keeps you from spinning out of control
  6. A friend who is crazier than you and entertains you, and can manage to make you laugh on a dull and gloomy day
  7. A friend who keeps up with current events and discusses politics and problems of the universe….keeps you informed and gives a voice to your ideas
  8. A cynic who prevents you from getting lost in the clouds
  9. A romantic who gives you hope
  10. The most important of all….the friend who has seen you at your worst and loves and respects you unconditionally…of course it’s a two-way street, this friend exists only if you give back as much as you take…….                                                                                            Real friends exist in the real world, who have seen you sniffling, vomiting, cursing and can come to your place at any time when you need them………Virtual friends are a must, as long as you are ‘realistic’ about your expectations from them 🙂

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