Choose the people you want in your life

We are humans who need a variety of people in our lives, provided those people want to be a part of our lives and want us in their lives as well. How do we know we need certain people????? A healthy and positive interaction which is mutually enjoyable is a must. There are people who do not care whether you exist or not……… do we know who wants to be in our lives?

  1. The person who returns your calls or calls you as much as you call them, to genuinely hear about your life and share their lives with you is a person you must stay in touch with
  2. If they do not return phone calls or call you on your birthday………….delete them immediately…..for the ‘memory challenged’ there are apps to remember the important events in your life, they just do not care enough
  3. If they go out of their way to help you with a relative who is ill, or look after you when you are not well……they are worth it
  4. If they take care to remember the food you like or what you like to be called or which movies you want to see……it’s great for you
  5. If they can reassure you when you are down in the dumps or make you laugh…hold on to them
  6. If they care enough to interact with your family or visit when you invite them and introduce you to people they cherish, they need you too
  7. If they can disagree with you or criticize you when you are on the wrong path….yes, they should be a part of your life
  8. If they can defend you to others, they have what it takes
  9. Asking for help from you shows they need you….and we need to be needed
  10. Being happy for an achievement of yours shows they do not feel envy and are proud of be your friend………….It’s a two way street, treasure people who like you and do not waste time running after those who do not care about you………………….:)

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