Cobra plant?

On my evening stroll, I was overjoyed at the variety of flora and fauna…flowering cacti, the Christmas trees, moss covered rocks, every inch of the mountains covered in plants and flowers. Just when I drew in a breath of fresh air, I stopped in my tracks and whispered “what the hell?’….I saw a plant shaped like a cobra with a long curved structure emerging from it….the internet shows the cobra plant to be something else entirely. Since our mountain hideout has limited internet connectivity ( the cables break frequently due to the rains, thank God!!), I have named it the What-the-Hell plant….

IMG_5303 IMG_5300 IMG_5297 IMG_5296 IMG_5294 IMG_5304

I have seen many of them since, the locals call it ‘kaimin’…it’s apparently uprooted by them as it has a bulbous, onion like root which is eaten!!

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