Complex-ion!!! Fair or dark…..

Shakespeare said it with …..”A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”….

I think that ‘a rose of any colour would be as fragrant and beautiful’…..

Why are we obsessed with the colour of a human????

It is a fact that we are all  born a certain way..

  • Some men are meant to love women, others love men
  • Women love the same or opposite gender
  • Some love to wear bright colours, others—not at all
  • Look around….cars, homes, clothes, toys, jewelry, phones, shoes, scarves……we all try to stick to our preferences and pocket!!
  • Nobody can love everybody or everything…..
  • Some love tall people, others may not
  • There are people who love a ‘peaches and cream’ or ‘rosy’ complexion just as there are people who love a ‘dusky’, ‘tanned’ , or dark complexion

There are struggles and trials in life and we strive on a daily?? hourly??? basis to overcome our prejudices and fears….let us not add to the list…..let the dark and light add to the beautiful world that surrounds us…let us appreciate who we want to, without being judgmental of those we are not fans of… is really simple……there are whitening creams because some ‘love it light’….there are tanning salons…..because some love it dark…..and so it shall be….when we protest or ‘fight for’ a colour, we go overboard…..let us love what and whom we love and shut up about what we do not……I am trying…it has made me happier…….:) 

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