Like most humans, I observe the behaviour of couples….almost all living beings follow a few patterns….

  1. The yes people….they agree with everything the other says….in public. I often wonder if they do that when they are alone. They make people slightly nauseous with the saccharine sweetness they display.
  2. The no people…..disagree on everything and are rude to each other. I often wonder why they stick together or have kids !!
  3. The one yes, one no couple….one is mild, the other aggressive…..I wonder if it fluctuates and they exchange roles…
  4. The social media couple ( aren’t we all a little guilty of this? )… effusive, love-yous and hearts galore, they make us groan a bit …we generally display a heart on their PDA!!
  5. The net-workers…..the guy and lady split up, attach themselves to the ‘happening and useful’ people……
  6. The perfect couple….good-looking and successful (whatever that means ) …people love them and hate them a bit!
  7. The ‘intellectuals’ who do not realize how boring they are….
  8. The ‘sweetie-pies’ who are nice to all……absolutely useless as friends as they never have an opinion or take a stand.
  9. The flaunt and the fawn —one flaunts, the other fawns…..
  10. The ‘painfully’ truthful… friends, they are the keepers ! they do not lie and have the guts to express themselves…… 

Each of us have each of these traits …in different proportions…….:) we flock to those who complement us…..


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