Crunchy cauliflower……marinate, microwave

Cauliflower is best eaten raw. There are some concerns about raw veggies, as the water and manure used to grow it are a reason for concern. Some farmers use pesticides as well, which do not allow us to enjoy vegetables in the raw. The next best way? Clean the cauliflower throughly, soak in clean water used for drinking, for thirty minutes. Dry, marinate with yoghurt, salt, red chilli powder and roasted cumin. After an hour, put in the microwave for four minutes. Take it out, squeeze a little fresh lemon juice on it and enjoy. As discussed in the post on cauliflower, it is has antioxidants, anticancer ingredients, anti-inflammatory nutrients and strengthens your heart and immune system.IMG_4493

Enjoy your warm, crunchy cauliflower…….

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