Daddy’s little helper-kid in charge of kids

By the road, a little boy was leading a herd of goats while his father followed. The boy was neatly dressed and confident in his clean clothes and slippers. he led the goats with the help of an indicator rod(a stick), with which he motioned for them to stop when the traffic was heavy on the road. As the road cleared, he made the goats cross the road to graze in the pastures on the other side. His father brought up the rear, looking at his son with pride. The father was a little weary and not as energetic as the son. The duo chatted with each other while the goats grazed. The boy helps his father in his spare time, after finishing his home-work from school. It is heartwarming to see a child helping out his father in his ‘boring’ chores. It is also heartbreaking to see the so-called educated children of illiterate parents act too-good-for-their-boots and look down upon their parents. If they can not acknowledge their less educated and less privileged parents, they have missed out on the biggest lesson in life….



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