Daredevils in a truck

In a small village in the mountains in India, there is a river that flows directly from a glacier. There is a rickety old narrow wooden bridge across it, which we crossed gingerly, praying furtively. Out of thin air, a large truck appeared on the banks of the river. It revved up its engine…….several children who were in the back of the truck shouted with glee…………..and the driver drove it into the river!!!! We gasped, shouted at him and prayed for them as they blazed a trail across the gushing waters!!! It took an oblique path across the river, A villager told us that there was a narrow strip of water across which the boulders allowed a ‘skilled driver’ to pass through. The truck wobbled, sputtered and…………………reached land ! We applauded and cursed the man who had done this….

DSC_0427 DSC_0428 DSC_0430

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