Day 4—–the fun begins

  • Glass of water on waking up
  • Turn on the television to a channel that has music with dance—and throw your limbs about for 5 minutes….a full length mirror and a fitting t-shirt and lowers works wonders for me… current song is Chndralekha from ‘A gentleman’….the lead pair is awesome….sing at the top of your voice as you fling yourself about the room!!!!
  • Eat 2 eggs
  • Shower, drink a glass of low fat milk with coffee
  • Mid-day-one glass of lime juice without salt or sugar, eat 6 almonds
  • Drink 6-10 glasses of water at regular intervals in one day
  • I am mentioning all the fruits and veggies growing around us in India right now….
  • Lunch—a cucumber, an onion ( eat a clove to remove the smell later) and a small bowl each of chana dal and colacasia (the first is boiled with onions, garlic, ginger, tomato, turmeric, salt and cumin, while arbi or colacasia is made with one teaspoon of ghee, a teaspoon of cumin onions, green chili. 
    • Evening—a cup of yogurt
    • Eat 10 peanuts, 6 walnuts and 4 pistachios 
    • After 15 minutes, get on a treadmill ( good shoes essential)
    • Start with 4.5 km/h for 1 min, go to 4.8x 2 min, go to 5.2 k/h with an elevation of 2 for 15 mins
    • Reduce elevation to 0, speed to 4.8 x 2mins
    • Re-increase to 5.2 k/h with an elevation of 2 for 15 mins
    • Reduce to 4.8/h for 2 mins, 3.5x 1 min, 2.0x 2mins
    • Stretch……Stand straight, lift your knee and hold with your hands, as close as you can to your body, twisting to the opposite hip, hold for 5 secs, repeat on both sides x 4 times. Bending forward gradually, lift the right foot off the ground, grasping it with your right hand, while extending the left arm straight in front, horizontally….holdx 5 secs , repeat on both sidesx 4 rimes
    • Dinner– one onion, one cucumber, a small bowl of dhuli urad dal and bottle gourd, 2 thin rotis
    • A glass of low fat milk
    • Are we having fun yet???….the exercise shall increase, arm exercises and yoga will be added!!!!
    • Prepare for tomorrow…sprout the lentils now!!!!!

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