Dealing with a Child–studies

A sweet lady, a mother has asked me to write on this sensitive topic which parents conceal, lie about, brag about and have difficulties coping with. A child who loses interest in his academic pursuits once in a while is a ‘normal’ child. A child who does not regain interest poses a serious problem for himself and those who care.

Geniuses and famous people may be high school drop outs but there are many more who have succeeded by studying according to a structured curriculum.A few simple steps for a bored-with-studies-child are:

  • Get an aptitude test done, maybe the child is better at other things
  • Test the IQ of the child, know what to expect from him
  • Sit with the child, show interest in his work
  • Study the same chapter he has difficulty with and grade each other on a test
  • Encourage him to understand, using different books and demonstrate applications of the learning eg experiments in Physics such as making a circuit to light a bulb
  • Talk to the child, it may be because of bullying
  • Talk to the teacher
  • Never compare the child to other’s children
  • Socialize with the parents of some other children in his class and discuss the school and teachers
  • Use highlighters to draw attention to important points
  • Monitor the internet access and limit it without it being obvious
  • Encourage Physical exercise, try to cater to his taste and incorporate family outings
  • Encourage with rewards ( don’t listen to the experts!!), allow phone time of 10 mins for a chapter well learned
  • Tell the child you will show affection in the school unless he concentrates more!!! (works wonders, say it with humour and love in the atmosphere of your home)                                                    Every child and parent are different. The child may have learning disabilities, which will be reflected on the IQ test. If he was born after suffering hypoxia(low oxygen), there may be minimal brain damage, He may be bored and need encouragement. Spending time with him while he studies like sitting in his room, reading, or studying the same chapters as him can work well. Removing distractions and depriving him of 24/7 phone and internet services can not harm him (you have to give up these too, at least for a few hours a day). Every child can not be a ‘topper’, were you??? Even if you were, don’t expect it of him…..What you can expect is for the child to do his personal best, with a happy and nurturing atmosphere at  home. Love unconditionally, encourage, support…and never use physical violence, 
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  • If nothing works, get professional help. 

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