Dealing with toxic people

We all have them in our lives. They come in the form of acquaintances, relatives, colleagues or peers. One can not pay them back in the same coin of utter obnoxiousness, hence one has to devise unique ways of dealing with them. I’m not speaking of the run of the mill rude people who can be ignored easily. I’m speaking of the evil genius people who know your weaknesses and make sure they hit at a vulnerable place repeatedly till they elicit a response and then proceed to sermonize you on how to behave, loudly and publicly. These are the people who are there in your life and will be there for a long time. This is what works for me:

  1. Do not initiate a conversation. If they speak to you, pretend to listen carefully while you remember a favourite song that makes you happy.
  2. Smile at them, no matter how caustic their remarks. It annoys them to an extent that they will back off.
  3. Remind yourself that they do not matter to you, their opinion is of no consequence.
  4. Wear your favourite clothes, perfume, shoes, which you can think of when they spew their venom.
  5. Life is not long enough to pay attention to negative comments.
  6. Everybody can’t like you, accept it and don’t let it affect you.
  7. These people are important, they make the other people in your life extra special!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Do not argue with them.
  9. Act dumb, smile as if you do not understand the sarcasm behind their barbs.
  10. If nothing else works, think of them straining in the toilet, constipated. Never fails!!!!!!!!!!!            Life is too short, nobody can pull you down if you won’t let them. Stop trying to impress or care about people who can never be your well wishers.                                                                                                         IMG_5293

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