Detox? Antioxidant? eat a cauliflower

Our backyard may have many flowers, but the most useful of them all is the Cauliflower. When plucked straight from your own kitchen garden, the best way to eat it is raw, after washing it thoroughly. It can be boiled, steamed, grilled, baked, fried…all of which don’t take away the health benefits. You want a detox ? antioxidants ? Minerals ? fiber ? anti-cancer properties ?  anti-inflammatory food? it has them all…and a few more benefits. 

A cauliflower has Vitamin C, Vitamin K, phytonutrients / glucosinolates, several of the B complex vitamins, trace elements, fibre, folate and many other beneficial antioxidant and anticancer nutrients.

IMG_4351 IMG_4350

Grow them of you can, eat it regularly even if you can not grow your own.


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