Did you know–Wings of planes are made safer for your flight

As I looked out of the plane window before take off,  I saw a huge quantity of liquid being sprayed on the wing. This was repeated systematically in layers, till the whole wing was evenly coated by a green liquid. I read up about it later and discovered that it was a deicing liquid, followed by an anti-icing liquid which is sprayed to avoid the deposition or accumulation of frost or ice on the wings of the plane. It was snowing when we took off. Apparently, this is a safety measure which does not allow the ice or frost to interfere with the aerodynamics of the plane at the time of take off. The liquid is a heated mixture of glycol and water. During the flight, there are other mechanisms to avoid the deposition of ice on the wing or on the engine openings. As you can see, the wing at the highest altitude achieved during our flight (over the clouds) is frost free!!!! 


DSC01838 DSC01840


We learn throughout our lives…if we want to…..


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