Do not do this…when you fly

I do like flying…it’s the quickest way to travel, unless you are from a planet where people can just take off at the speed of light, fueled by their own energy!!!!! Some co-passengers make it almost impossible to enjoy travel of any sort. Here’s what I never do to others(co-passengers) on a flight, since it annoys me immensely….

  1. If someone is sitting in the seat next to you, do not plonk your elbows in their zone….it’s rude, disgusting…………….and you haven’t paid for their side of their seat
  2. Do not spill food or drink on your fellow passengers…..or belch loudly in their ear…..
  3. Please do not try to rest your snoring head on their shoulder…….
  4. We know you can read….please do not read out the flight catalog out loud
  5. Do not engage in non stop conversation while your saliva flies across the ‘no-fly’ zone between you
  6. Do not request others to take care of your offspring… didn’t ask us before you brought them into this world
  7. Please do not sing aloud with your earphones….you are saved form listening to yourself, others aren’t that lucky
  8. No, I do not want to know about your ‘significant others’
  9. No, I do not want to see pics of your family
  10. Please do not ask me for my number…….                                                                                        Please let’s agree to our mutually beneficial ‘no sound, no touch’ policy so that we may be civil to and completely ignore each other 🙂

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