Does social media encourage ‘Sharing’ –the new ‘Bragging’???

We are all guilty of showcasing the best of us, our family and pets…

Social media sites have only one agenda…shameless self-promotion, to gain investors and advertisers, to make more money. We are drawn into the web of social interaction, groups, culture, networking….which can be wonderful and positive (for the most part), but it is really an unintended ‘side-effect’ of social media which makes us happy.

How do we brag?

We mutually ‘share’………the best of our

  • Pictures
  • Places we visit
  • Professional victories
  • Children’s pics and achievements
  • Dishes we cook
  • Parties we host
  • Pets we adore
  • Poems/ stories
  • Food/ drink we enjoyed
  • Books we read
  • Movies we watch
  • Fun times
  • Clothes/ cars/ shoes/material goods we bought

The list is endless….where we went, who we went with, what we did…..others politely ‘like’ and comment, so that we will reciprocate!!!!

We turn away from a needy relative, a bawling child, a hungry pet, a bored spouse………to connect with our ‘awesome, gorgeous’ BFFs.

Do we speak of the criticism for a job done badly? A sullen child? A Disgruntled spouse? An opportunistic friend? …if we do, we should not, because in the chatter of a million voices, nobody really cares!!!

It’s all worthwhile if we have enough time to spend in the real world with real people………..if we talk about real problems, even if just once in a while…………..

Nobody can admire you, your family, work, talent, qualities, home, country, more than you and those around you…………

Enjoy the virtual media, it’s the best vice we have 🙂

Don’t forget to log off from here and log in to life.

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