Don’t kill Roses on this Valentine’s Day

Yes, you are in love or think you are, or want to pretend that you are….it does not give anyone the right to murder the beautiful roses that give us joy. Their only crime lies in being beautiful and fragrant…..Gift a plant/ rose shrub instead which can bloom for many years. it is in no way any less beautiful than cut roses. The most fragrant of the roses growing in our backyard are the ‘local’ or non-exotic blood red roses with the thin, short stems.



Other gifts that she may like….(I’m writing she but she must give him gifts too—not too much of  shopping allowed, just thoughtful, priceless gestures

  1. A card that allows her to get away with 3 mistakes !!!! 
  2. A ‘time’ card which allows her to make you do what she wants for a total of six hours
  3. Chocolates
  4. An evening out, of her choice, be it theatre, ballet, a museum visit or a movie
  5. For a partner, gift new bath and bed linen and perfumed shower accessories 🙂
  6. Being together, if possible–catch that flight, drive if you are not together on that day, or celebrate it when you are together….video chat or call 
  7. Take a day off if you can, no phones or internet access is a must even if you can not be on holiday
  8. A potted rose plant of her choice
  9. Nothing says it like an original poem or letter to each other
  10. Girls, don’t use this day to get flattered or expect diamonds…..his company or yours is worth far more than that…..fall in love, believe in endless love and make promises that you will keep……


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