Enrich the earth-make compost

We have a fairly large garden in which a corner has been dug up for the fallen leaves that are gathered to enrich the soil. The day we stop whining about how other people and ‘the government’ are destroying the planet is the day we can begin to do what we can to enrich the only earth and planet we have. For a home without a garden…..or the smallest of spaces, there is still a way to recycle organic waste to improve the quality of the soil which gives us food and stores water for us. Compost bins are available in plenty on the internet. All you have to do is check which waste you can put in it….in our home, we have made it simple by cutting all the vegetable and fruit peels into small pieces with a pair of scissors, before adding them to the compost-making bin. The powder provided with the buckets is added to the daily waste. It works wonders, and there is no smell, as the bucket is closed with a lid that fits well. Get started….watch vegetable and plants grow better……….people are growing herbs and vegetables in pots (where open space is not available)!!

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