Faith in mankind restored :)

Just when there was too much of neglect and abuse of the elderly all around, there shone a bright ray of hope…such a welcome change. A 93 year old gentleman accompanied by his grandson sat down in front of me with a wide smile on his face. The young lad was well-mannered, polite and attentive to his grandfather. On being asked, the younger gentleman said that his grandfather and his brother and his father and mother lived together and ‘looked after each other’. 


This picture is worth a million smiles, the body language and expression says it all…..

For the cynical, the grandfather had nothing to offer in terms of material possessions, but was looked after and respected by all. Maybe human beings have been the same through generations, maybe the percentage of the good, bad and ugly among us remains constant form one generation to another. I do remember stories about abuse inflicted by people towards their parents in the previous generation as well. Let’s not say that the good old days are gone, let’s rejoice that they probably lie ahead……….

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