Fight osteoporosis naturally

If you think you are young and healthy and can not get osteoporosis, think again. Get a DXA scan done today….certain health measures can keep your bones healthier and stronger. All you get is one set of bones, keep them in great condition. What you need is:

  1. Enough sunlight—about 25 minutes per day, without sunblock. Make sure you are not genetically or environmentally prone to skin cancer. In that case, get Vitamin D supplements.
  2. Eat enough calcium in your diet. 
  3. Get enough exercise–half an hour a day is fine. Overdoing it can ruin your knees and ligaments. Walk briskly rather than running. Dance to a tune you love instead of aerobics ( only a few can manage to run all their lives, take it up only if you love it).
  4. Eat well. Stop avoiding dairy and poultry, they are delicious and good for your bones-eat those almonds and egg yolks now, or the fatty fish you crave.
  5. Avoid smoking COMPLETELY. 
  6. Drink red wine if you must, avoid excess alcohol.
  7. No fried food, grill or bake or saute instead.
  8. Drink fortified milk/ juice.
  9. Do not starve or pine for a size that makes you underweight. Follow the weight/ height chart and maintain a healthy waistline as per recommendations. 
  10. Love, laugh…being happy makes you want to live longer 🙂                                                        The gentlemen in the picture above asked me to click a picture of them while I was chasing birds by the roadside…..I enjoy clicking pictures of humans who want to be clicked…:)                                             

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