Flights of fancy

In my mind’s eye…I fly

Uninhibitedly, unselfconsciously

Sometimes solo, generally with an ally

My wingspan is unisex, unisize!!

I coined a term! a smile is my prize

I have learned to love me and mine 

Intensely, passionately, unconditionally 

To separate oxygen from carbon dioxide

To talk to birds, bees, clouds, hills and streams

And the magical rainbow

I love my fat, my feet, 

My crooked teeth

My wit (or lack of it)

I curse, I speak without filters

Only to those I care deeply for

I can not be defined

As a woman/man/beast

I am a molecule, I am the galaxy

I exist….or do I???

I do not care how people see me

Because that reflects their perception

Not me, for I exist in my own stratosphere

Without prejudice, malice or fear

I blabber on, interesting to some

I scream, I giggle, I am immature, 

Unsophitiscated…..I spell it wrong

I never tried to make a name

Connections were made, sans any pretence

I have no time for those who do not have time for me

I love those who collide with me, who teach, guide and 

Take the trouble to explain, criticise, encourage 

I am afraid to leave this universe

But excited that I will find her on the other side…

An armchair, a couch, a car, a carpet

Are my launchpad….and my lunch-pad

I eat, I dance, I am alive….

Till the day I die…..


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