Flowers and butterflies-symbiosis and impartiality

Butterflies do not care if the flowers they sit on are exotic or wildflowers. They need nectar and fruit, the flowers need pollination. It is a mutually gainful relationship ( humans need to learn from this!!). Everyday butterflies visit our garden, I manage to capture a few, since I just enjoy looking at them more than taking pictures of them…..

IMG_5368 IMG_5369

The picture above shows a beautiful butterfly sitting on a flowering cactus…..I have no idea what the name of the butterfly is…

IMG_5364 IMG_5363 IMG_5362 IMG_5361

A light coloured and a dark butterfly get the same treatment from the bright yellow flowers….the flowers are not racist 🙂

IMG_5370 IMG_5371

The tiny forget-me-nots growing wild are not ignored….you can see five butterflies sitting on a plant in the picture above, and seven in the picture just above this…You can also see a plastic piece of garbage thrown by a human nearby, I picked it up and disposed of it. 

Lessons learnt:

  • Butterflies are impartial to all flowers, which in turn offer the same treatment and nutrients to all butterflies.
  • It is a healthy relationship which benefits both.
  • Humans are the only ones who litter and endanger the environment.
  • Humans are also the only ones who cultivate flowers, trees and plants, doing a world of good for the environment.


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