Flyover-best photobombing ever

Yes, I believe living beings enjoy attention, whether it is from a person who runs across highway dividers, or walks through thorny bushes to get a shot…or from a bird of the same feather. Often I have seen that the object of my affection at that moment in time shies away from a picture and hides……once the attention is switched to another target…..the once-shy being begins to attract the very attention it had shunned!!!! Sound familiar? We enjoy being admired (by people we admire, not all and sundry)…I do not believe it is worth it to try to regain the attention of a roving eye…walk away 🙂 One who recognizes …or connects with the soul will not wander or waver…..once you have that, the universe begins to make sense…the birds sing, the butterflies fly, flowers bloom and people shine with an inner goodness……..This picture has a bird serenading another as it flies over it…….If you are a cynic, this is photobombing, if you are a romantic….it is one bird serenading another….if you are a dreamer… is a lover hiding the cherished one from the harsh sun.


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